[Planning] Mi Cat is also deceived in this month.

The world’s lies atrenist, April Fool’s Day finally came back. On this day, it is a fun day to laugh at any lies on the line that does not exceed the line. So this time, there will be someone who worries that people around with a lie to a lie. But the idea should keep in mind that people around them are the same. If someone else will deceive someone, you will not be able to do it simply if you are merely lying. Rather, will you deceive lying and deceive it back to be more proud and fun?

Then you will be troubled to how the other party to lie is not to be able to get a lie. If you do not worry, you can meet a console online store or steam to meet a number of instructors. You do not have to worry about the tuition fees. I have enough money to save my chicken.

Reverse Trial
Remove the unfortunate, and find the truth of the case and the real killer.

Have you ever felt a lawyer, seeing a lawyer, looking for a truth of the incident while looking at the drama or movie, If so, this will not have a game only. One of Capcom’s renowned IP, the reversal trial series is launched as Game Boy and has become a steady popularity so far. It is a game that defines the truth of the defined lawyer Naruho, digging the perjury of hidden secrets and witnesses in the event, and the truth to digs the loops of manipulated evidence.

I have to keep the witnesses that are doing a false testifying witness, and to keep a false testifying witness, and keep the truth of the event. However, the opponent’s lawyer and inspection are only directed to Mitsuri with trivial skills. You do not have to worry too much. It is always a loophole that surrounded by false. If you attack without missing the loophole, the breakthrough will be caused.

Can I get a clue of a big union event that was in the past and heard darkness? All of this should be in the sensitivity and intuition. I can be a good training to figure out if I do not know how to lie.

Prohibition of umbrella
Do not use umbrella when it rains.

Among the games to introduce, the only Korean developer game is a game of umbrella banners is a slightly unique genre game. I’m running a fa. If you are looking for YouTube often, you will be able to feel the feeling that you are tight, and you can feel the feeling of running the Malo’s fa. After running the foaming, you must sell the person with the person who sells the goods and buy it at a reasonable price, and then buy people to buy as much as possible. It is important to read the psychology as much as the amount of money is coming.

Money is not a simple goods means. If you have a lot of money, you can get away from the crisis you’ve found, If you are sincerity and customer-friendly, you will grow up to the poverty, but it is likely to be a bad ending, but if you keep your guests, you will continue to be able to keep your reputation.

You can simply do not just operate the follicles, and you can welcome various endings depending on your choice in the era of the government monitors the people and dominate the people. Whether you are listening to a particular NPC, you have joined any events. One of these choices will have a great impact on the ending as well as the game progress. Can you make a happy ending with your own sense and judgment in a composite of these factors?

My cat Tommy and i are awake at 3 am because of this

Paper Pleasure
I do not get a lot of money.

It is a game of a unique adventure genre that needs to check people who are the examiner’s examiner and to exceed the border. It is a game that needs to confirm the information that is to confirm the person who is trying to enter and confirm the contribution of various passivators and confirms the contributions. Many people lie to pass through the checkpoint and try to enter the entry. It is very good to increase sharpness and memory that does not miss a minor one.

The state of the checkpoints, is a virtual dictatorship country, and it is also a fun point that the group of questions that will contact the review of the examiner and force the collective group to cause revolution. A variety of results are caused by a person who will preserve the country as a national and to disturb the revolution and to drive the society that has grown into the corruption, and to regain freedom. Of course, if you do not like them, you can see other endings.

Could you find a lied person, restrain to the government or revolutionary organization and make the world you want? If you believe in your sense, please try once.

Gusugus Duck
Numerous goose in the crowd, a duck one

I do not have a done that I want to invest a separate autonomous day, but I want to grow up quickly within a short time, or if you think that the developer is bored, you think that the developer is bored. It is a crazy goose that looks a bit stupid, and it is a crazy goose, who is a duck, or it is a reasoning puzzle game that wins all the goose. It has a similar play with a great popularity ‘Monument Earth’, but it is a newly emerging game due to a lot of vocational and famous streas, which is much more different than the monuments.

It is a real-time online multiplayer, not a preset CPU, is a game that you have to understand the psychology of a real person. That’s why it is the most difficult than the game you’ve explained above. Hiding or revealing your own real status, you must guess the occupation of others and lead to the victory, so you should accurately grasp the psychology of multiple people. Look at the goose, or go to the end to the end.

What do you think is to make a psychological battle with an anomalous play and an unknown opponent than always a similar feeling?