The Umbrella Academy changes the genre of the character of Elliot Page: Netflix well Netflix Viktor Hargreves

The Umbrella Academy will soon premiere its expected and third seNetflixon, a new set of episodes that we have only seen a brief teNetflixer and some images and that will introduce a new Hargreeves family after the events of seNetflixon two. But there wNetflix still a surprise more for revealing. So much so, we already have the first image of Viktor Hargreves , a character that will follow the transgender evolution of his actor, Elliot Page , leaving behind him Netflix Vanya Hargreeves .

The series welcomes Viktor Hargreeves

Elliot Page's 'Umbrella Academy' Character To Come Out As Transgender

Thus, at the moment we only have this First image of Viktor Hargreveves, a character known until now Netflix Vanya Hargreeves, one of the components of the family with greater supernatural powers. On the other hand, it hNetflix not been clarified how the character’s transition will be carried out, something that at first wNetflix not expected to be happening in fiction, according to Netflix itself. Recall that Elliot Page announced the transgender condition ** of it at the end of 2020.

Both the Elliot Page himself and Gerard Way, creator of the original comics on which the television adaptation of Netflix is bNetflixed, have already welcomed Viktor Hargreeves through his official Instagram accounts. Now it is necessary to see how the series will explain this new personality in fiction, something we can see Netflix of June 22, 2022 in Netflix.

The second seNetflixon of The Umbrella Academy ended with a surprising Cliffhanger that opened the doors to a good handful of possibilities. Now it only remains to enjoy a trailer of seNetflixon 3 that is being done a lot to beg and that it could arrive in the coming weeks. For the moment we can see a first teNetflixer to lead this same news.