“Game Pass” The PlayStation has a big drawback to the Xbox boss explained why

Sony has announced a new PS-Plus model, in which, among other things, put a large game catalog and streaming possibilities. On large exclusive releases, the service will do without first – in contrast to the Xbox Game Pass.

This is the new PS plus: The new variant of PS Plus will appear in June and offer 3 different levels.

  • PS plus Essential, which basically is the previously familiar PS-Plus package

  • PlayStation Plus Extra – with 400 additional games for download

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* PlayStation Plus Premium – with 340 additional games to stream

An exact overview of the new PS-Plus versions can be found here.

The basic alignment is similar to the subscription model of the competition, the Xbox Game Pass.

However, while Microsoft is now great, new games such as Halo Infinite or the celebrated totally: Warhammer 3 has provided it directly to the start in the Game Pass, something is not planned at Sony. The Playstation CEO Jim Ryan explained in an interview with Gamesindustry.

PlayStation-CEO says: It does not make sense

That’s what Jim Ryan says: In the interview, Ryan emphasizes that just one with the studios in a positive circulation, creating great games for the PlayStation: “Investments lead to success, which in turn allows further investment in turn lead to even more success. We like this cycle and we believe that our players like this cycle. “

So far, you have not released your own games directly in subscription services – and want to keep this first: “We believe that this cycle is interrupted when we do this with the games we develop at PlayStation Studios.”

The investments that would be put into the studios would not be possible, one would rethink here: “We believe that the impact on the quality of the games that we develop would not be in the sense of the players,” says Ryan.

The pricing policy also plays a role. More than two-thirds of the PS-Plus users would currently complete an annual subscription, explains Ryan. On 12 months, the premium variant would cost 9.99 euros per month, the extra variant 8,33 euros: “That would not be possible if we would receive the games of our studios in their publication in the service,” says The PlayStation CEO.

If that is forever? A backtell makes the CEO openly open: “The world is currently changing so fast that nothing is forever,” says Ryan.

For example, you have not thought that large Playstation games like Horizon or God of War would come to the PC – and yet it happened:

So I do not want to chide anything in Stein at this time. I only talk about the approach that we will pursue for a short view. As our publication model works at the moment, it makes no sense. But things can change very quickly in this industry, as we all know.

Jim Ryan, PlayStation CEO

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