Fortnite ends structures with zero construction mode

Very appreciated by players since arriving at the second season in Chapter 3, a new game mode invites all. Fortnite finished with structures in zero construction mode. Available in solo, duo, threesome and section, it is now your aim and your displacement that prevails.

The End of Building.

zero construction, but 100% skill

If the constructions are not present in this mode, the players are searched by a highbouclier. The latter recharges automatically when the player has not been su taken for some time. This is the only existing defense, and it will be necessary to help the decorations to do the rest. Climb the walls, go up in airships or track your opponents from the tall grass to win the royal victory.

This mode of play is more dynamic than a classic part of Fortnite and allows to rest essentially on its accuracy. Tactics must therefore be different by taking skirmishes, and the regeneration of the shield is a considerable advantage. But be careful, because the storm is always present, and it will move to the end while not to be d1. It only remains to go to get victory.