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Arenanet communicates on the short and long term Guild Wars 2

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4TH EXPANSION GREENLIT?! Living World S1 & So Much More - Guild Wars 2 News March 22nd 2022
Although there was little doubt about the good health of the game, which receives regular updates and has seen a new extension recently, we learn that the number of active players on Guild Wars 2 has more that doubled for three years. Follows that _ end of dragons _ exceeded the sales of the previous extension _ Path of Fire _ What is “not bad, for a game that will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary” according to the directors Studio John Taylor and Colin Johanson.

They explain this by a set of factors, including the consistent changes of the studio last year with a strengthening of the management team and the improvement of communication with the players. To emphasize that Guild Wars 2 has been part of staying, they also mention some long-term projects, including the output of the game on Steam and DirectX11 compatibility under development.

The current and future

Amy Liu (Executive Producer) and Josh “Grouch” Davis (Chief Designer) then talk about what they have planned this year and then now that the extension has come out. This is based on two aspects.

Now that the narrative arc of the dragons, which has been lasting for almost 10 years (and much more in fact since it started on Guild Wars 1), is finished, it is a question of re-evaluating the general experience of Guild Wars 2. The goal is to continue telling engaging stories, which extend the world of Tyrie, and propose a better gaming experience, especially in MCM, PVP, and end-of-game content. Group.

The second aspect concerns the well-being and health of the studio members. As it was recalled at the beginning of their article, the extension was designed during one of the most difficult times in the history of Arenanet . Also, it is important for them to put priority over the preservation of the teams, and that they continue to be happy.

Further in the article there is also a question of maintaining the momentum with the players, whether through streams, explanatory articles, and other regular content.

Between Returns, Changes, and News

It is then question of what will be concretely done at stake.

First the season one of the living world will make a real return (and no longer via some scenic and small instances), via five episodes, which will be concluded by the famous battle of the Lion Ark in Mission of Attack Mission. The restructuring of the world against world alliances arrives, and with it various modifications on the individual experience, the courses of rewards, etc.

It is a question of making workbalancing updates all quarters, and by small touches between each need. The rest of the new legendary arms related to dragons arrives, with new variations including a Zhaitan based. The challenges of the four attack missions of the extension arrive. And by the way, the first addition of post extension content also comes within a few months with a new chapter to the scenario and a new card in Cantha.

Various events updated as the Super Adventure Box or the Dragon Fair will come to punctuate these regular updates.

In detail, this gives the following schedule:

  • 29 MARCH: Super Adventure Festival, End of Dragons Retouch Update
  • 19 April: Episode 1 of the season 1 of the living world, Cachette des Etherlames in Challenge mode

  • May 10: Xunlai Jade discharge in Challenge Mode
  • 24 May: Episode 2 of the season 1 of the living world, Belvedere of Kaineng in Challenge mode, new variant of legendary arms
  • 7 June: The Dragon Festival Fair, Challenge Temple
  • 28 June: Balancing update, new variant of legendary weapons

The surprise

The big surprise of the end of the article is the announcement that the fourth extension of Guild Wars 2 is planned! Yes you read it well, after explaining that the game is not on its downward slope despite the end of the dragons cycle, Arenanet confirms that they have a lot of upcoming projects for Guild Wars 2.

The article ends with thanks for support for the game, and the promise of beautiful things to come.