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How to open the door of an electric circuit in Cudzo camp in Genshin Impact

Okula – important collected items that can be found throughout Tail. They can be used to worship the statue of seven, which, in turn, will give you various awards. You will find that most eyes are soaring in the air, but some of them are hidden behind the puzzles.

Find Your Way through the mist and make an offering at the perches Genshin Impact All 3/3 Puzzles

In Cudzo camp, you will encounter an electric car that is stuck under the locked gates that are additionally blocked by two thunder barriers. Solve the nearest riddle of the relay stone to unlock it.

Start with the fact that go to the place circled in the image above. Jump down and you will find a locked gate and a puzzle with a relay st1. Next to the bush behind Puzzles, you will find the first stone relay. The second is located near the bush on the elevation. Front puzzles.

Raise the stones of the relay and place them, as shown in the image above. On the right, the stone should be behind a bush between the discharge stone on the right and the accumulation stone in the middle. If the electropotting is not formed, make microcorrections to its position until they connect.

In the same way, place the second stone relay between the two stones on the left. So it should be closer to the discharge stone on the left and a little further from the middle. If the lines are not connected, adjust your position again until they connect.

If you do not complete this puzzle, it will be discarded after teleportation or re-logging into the system. If you complete it, the locked gate will open, opening the input that leads to the area under them. You can purchase Exquisite Chest and pick up Electriculus inside.

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