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The image of Call of Duty: Warzone shows the update of the Map of Rebirth Island

One of Call of Duty: Warzone Maps will be updated very soon with the Raven Software and Beenox developers, which make fun of a “rejuvenation” for Rebirth Island this weekend. The new version of Rebirth Island will be implemented at some point next week, said the first, although an accurate launch date has not yet been given. What the players got, however, is a teaser image that will probably have much more sense after the map is updated.

You can see the image below, courtesy of the Raven Software Twitter account after it was shared on Friday. It describes the recently renovated map as “reinforced rebirth”, which is the same wording that was used in the second season for Call of Duty: Vanguardia and _zona of war was detailed.

That advancement of before said “There are rumors of a resurgence in Rebirth Island… and we are not talking about the game mode,” but did not give much more than that. The only other mockery in that publication said that players “expect more information about reinforcements that will come half-season” and we would get information on the Blog of Call of Duty and through social networks. It seems that the latter has begun now, and soon we will get information from the Blog of Call of Duty.

Until then, players must speculate about what could change exactly in Rebirth Island. Looking at the image above, we can see an ornate silencer, lots of gold ingots, a flashlight and a couple of photographs scattered on the map with highlighted specific points of interest. It could be that Raven Software and Beenox are trying to point to which map areas will change to see how practically all maps are updated or updated. zona of war has brought renewed or totally new points of interest so that the players visit them.

It is also worth noting how specific the drafting of the teasers with “reinforcement” and “resurgence”. Again, it is difficult to predict what will happen beyond some updated points of interest, but it is expected that these teasing are much more sense after the complete plans are revealed.

WARZONE: New REBIRTH MAP UPDATE TEASER, XP Event, & More! (Rebirth Reinforced)

Hezon of war The update of Rebirth Reinforced falls next week, so it expects to see the details and notes of the patch at that time to see the news.