Near-Merematic Mystery ADV “Chinatown Detective Agency” Launched April 7-Makes the Game Falling and Real World Survey

Chinatown Detective Agency: A Dark Dystopian P.I. Adventure Inspired by the Carmen Sandiego Games
Developer General Interactive and Publisher Humble Games and Whispergames have announced the release date on April 7 about mystery adventure “ChinaTown Detective Agency” .

This work is a point & click ceremony that Singapore, which has a barely ordered in the 2037 world, a chaos, central point and click type. As a private detective Amira Darma, who has just launched her office in China Town, he has just served as a private detective Amira Darma, challenged the mystery with Singapore to crotch.

A mystery solving element that pops out of the game as a noteworthy point of this work is present. If you can not find clues in the game, we will also need a survey in the real world, and searching for real airport code and research on the mystery quotes is mentioned as an example.

“Chinatown Detective Agency” that all choices affect the story is scheduled to release Overseas Time April 7 for PC (Steam, Humble Store) / Xbox ONE / Nintendose. In addition, we plan to respond from the first day of the release to “Xbox Game Pass”.