Can you go out with a celebrity in BitLife?

The celebrities made their way to _bitlife, _ and you can interact with them on the different social media platforms available in the game. You can send them a message and try to draw their attention to your social platform, but you Do not seem to be interacting with them beyond this method. An important question arises at several players: if you interact enough with a particular celebrity or if your character becomes famous, can you go out with a celebrity? It does not seem that you can do the knot with these notable characters.

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You can publish directly on the social media page of a celebrity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can answer them if they interact with you or annoy them with repeated messages. The choices of the celebrities in the game are all of the square, and they do not seem to have a rotation set for whom you have encountered and when, so with whom you interact on social media is relatively random.

Beyond these minor interactions and to be able to share the messages, you will not be able to date or get married and the known celebrities that appear in bitlife. You will not be able to find them in your regular rotation of potential love interests, and you will not be able to find a profile in the game. You could, potentially, change the name of a bitlife character you encounter while the God mode is activated, which allows you to modify many other features, such as their personality and their statistics. But that’s all.