[Interview] It becomes a star 2 “The game that made all of them”

Eight years, a star of a flint started with seven personnel is a period of time with users. The game that disappears in a few months is also a long time than I thought of 8 years in the broken mobile market. But it is not a color, but it has been steadily, steadily.

And exactly one year ago, in March 21, Flint announced a new work. It is a formal subsequent of the “star”, not another IP, but it is ‘star is 2’. The delicate 2D graphics that can also be called the identity of the previous work are taken as it is, but they were a much darker atmosphere and a heavy action. Here we chose a cross platform between PC and mobile, complete manual operation.

Flint Kim Young Mo representative is a star, “Games made all of them”. Things we learned through 8 years of live service, and I also said that all things I did not show in the previous work. I also said that I would like to be a game that could be proud of users who do not disappoint users.

“2D Action MORPG, Cross Platform, Manual Operation”

** What is the game?

“Become a Star 2 is a game that has a combined RPG system of 1, which is a star in a belt screen action 2D MORPG. The volume is pretty big. The main scenario part is not small, but after completion, there is a section that must be fed around the map and the entire map. “

There is a part that is connected to the world view of a star. And when the first disclosed video, I saw a very dark atmosphere, including a zombie, but I was trying to make a feeling of Dark Fantasy.

& Quot; The star 2 is a first freeQual work. So it will be a star to faithfully follow the world view of 1. But now that the one’s scenario is very in the past, so it will continue two stories in the past story. That is, the freeQual, but the story itself is a circulation structure connected in one piece.

If the first time the first time, the graphic that the first time facing is fairly cute, but the story itself is darker than the idea. Because it is a star, it is also a very dark era because it deals with a very dark era.

If you could not actually be a subtitle, you could have been subjected to a subtitle.

“It’s a really grateful project that made a company that ” is a star ‘. It is a star, too, and it was a very important project. I also made confidently than one, and the main developers of 1 are also available. I am doing my best enough to say that everything I walked. Whether it became a story, it was a graphical sense, whatever I was in a sense, I wanted to show everything we can do. It is a game that is really sincere. “

I am wondering if I am participating in direct development, and the development number is somewhat.

“I’ve over a year to take a directory. There was a little health problem, but now it is in charge of it. As in the case of a star, the scenario is also written directly, and the character settings, and art directors. There are rooms on the 11th floor, but they are working together with developers (laughs). Currently, the number of people who are developing 2 are 90 and targeted to about 120 people. “

What if there is a distinctive element of 2,000,

“Once a star, 2 is supported by mobile, PC, and cross platform. Interworking is also possible. So you can enjoy the game on the platform that you can play more detail. Multiplayer up to 3 people. You can play the entire game as a multi, including a regular map. It is possible between platforms. There is also a console plan.

In the case of the story, the straight story that was characterized by the previous work was taken as it is, and full cutting, full-cut, full-cut, full-cut animation was applied. And the story implementation and the world view is also much worse. It seems to be a star to see that it is to be arranged in the past, including the published part.

In the action, I would like to have a complete manual operation. Map Machi and event devices are very much. We plan to make these things to make enough games to manipulate and play these things with cross platforms. 2 is a star, a game that is important to the operation, a fun action game. “

I wonder what the reason you chose to choose the cross platform.

“Become a star, the action, story, and graphics, and all parts, such as sterilization, such as all the partes, such as a bigger screen, better resolution, and better sound. I do not have to make a play limit of mobile. That is why users who want to play a funny game to find a PC or console again. Developers must strive to respond to such users’ needs.

But the most important thing is to make it well. Platform, genre, operation is not important. In the end, funny games, well-made games move users’ minds. So the cross-platform has also chosen to make it best to do well. “

There was no difficult part of developing as a cross platform.

“It was hard (laughs). PC and mobile had to save the same graphic quality and operations on mobile. Here is a multiplayer, and there was a problem with synchronization. In particular, it was not easy to optimize than I thought. “

One of the popular factors of being a star and one of the features is character graphics. It is wondering if it is planning to live this graphical feature in 2.

“I am trying to show a much better graphics than the previous work. The entire game is proceeded with the quality of the level that came out of the primary teaser. And to save the charm of each character, a voice, story, and individual stories are provided. The character castle was a star to strengthen more than 1. There are not many in the case of hero rating. Instead, I tried very much to attract attachments to one character. It will be able to meet a total of 28 characters in total. “

It is a feature that can not be subtracted well with a well-written interesting story, but can I expect this narrative part in two stars.

“It seems to be a 100 times a time of the previous work without being really exaggerated to write a story. 2, 2 focused on the stories of individuals. Like the previous work, a story focused on the main character, not the royal painting. The story of the reversal is also available, and it is striving to felt the part where it leads to 1, and to finish Season 1. “

Could someone do not know the previous work, can I understand it easily.

“It’s okay because new characters appear. Although the manias are placed everywhere, they have a story and world view that can be fully understood, even if you do not know the previous work. “

** The previous work is operating for eight years since 2014. There is a lot of attention to a lot of previous fans.

“Of course, it is burdensome, but the expectation is big. I think I can make a better game because I have been working with eight years. I think that in the process of service the previous work, the part that was a mistake, the part I had was obvious.

So it will be a star, so I will try to do not re-make the mistake that I have been doing as much as I am directly serviced. In addition, we plan to create and manage systems such as communities and homepages such as community and homepages, so that users can listen to users’ opinions. I do not have to make a service better than that. I seem to have grown in a lot of eight years. “

In the case of users who are enjoying the previous work, there is only a worried about maintaining the service if the subsequent appears. Can I explain the operation plan of the previous work.

“We have never reduced the development workforce of 1, which is only one star. I changed the system to make long-term services through a stable update. It will be the best of the best to do this. The company called Flint is not an important thing to show how to play the game. We will continue to service the best in order for the users to disappoint the users. “


3Q FGT, Released this year

Mobile games these days, are also to use colorful 3D graphics at home and abroad. But why did you choose 2D?

“I have chosen in the sense that the largest feature of 1 is a star is inherited from 2D. 2D For years, the emotion of graphics is not changed. The 2D’s masterpiece of Vanilla Ware, Odin Spearna, and the graphics of Dragons Crown now are still so beautiful. We also want to create a game that can remain a memorable, a memorable, a memorable time, as much as possible by taking as much as possible.

And it was a goal to feel the emotion of D & D in a very trendy high quality 2D graphics. I am crushing the object that is present in the map, and I get food, and I have to save my old D & D ‘s memories. I wanted to give the emotion of warm old recreation room that I did not feel these days. “

If it was a star, it was said that the long term service could not be expected, and two is wondering how much the future is looking at and developing.

“The preparation posture seems to be different. This work was a lot of troubles and preparations to make long term services such as world view, game system, and economy, so that the market is allowed to be. Even though the scenarios can only be scenarios, you should find one of the one in one season, and you should find a total of 12 Veda’s articles. Once a single piece of season was usually updated to 8 months. So if you do not want to chase twelve people, you will take 10 years (laugh). “

Flint is a delayed release compared to the success of the first art. Is there a reason?

“There was a lot of greed, and there was a development of development. Fortunately, many parts have been resolved while returning to the director. Directly took the project and had a company FGT when I passed the perfect year. The reaction was very good, but it is a really hard game based on it. If the project is long, it is a long time to definite the goal and not to the direction of the development. I needed that process. “

So be a star, how much the development period of 2 is a certain extent.

“About six years, it was about six months a year. I have been developing it on a scale of about 30 people. “

I wonder if there is a small piece that I wanted to make a new work, not a series.

“Of course, there is. I want to make a new challenge opportunity through two stars. I want to grow a little by little by focusing on what we are doing well rather than expanding. It would be avenient to become a star to make a company called Flint. It’s the maximum target that allows the user to believe and play the game created by Flint. “

Can I meet in this year?

“We are planning a primary CBT after the FGT in the third quarter. Based on the results, it is aiming to release it this year. “

** Do you have any part of the game,

“Become a star 1 is unfortunate that the artbook or figures can not be released. So this work wants to share the artwork to the user from the launch of the game, or to do many things related to figures, and artbooks. Webtoon is also a story to help you communicate a variety of scenarios or settings. “

Finally, if you have something to say to users,

“I want to tell you that I made it more sincere than any project. To raise the completeness of the completeness, it is stamina, and it is committed to committing mentally. It is working to be a game that can not regret a gun in any part, a game that can meet expectations. The company also wants to create a good game with pride in the naming of ‘become a star’.

It would be a star to become a piece that can be stamped by the title “star”. I am really preparing everything that the company can do. I will try to say that the users are “I thought it would be a star!”