State of Things: When is the Hogwarts Legacy

When is the State of Play Livestream of Sony PlayStation? and When and where can you look at it ? Game status is Sony’s regularly planned show, which is temporary all year round Live is transferred. Everyone focuses on different things: sometimes exclusively for PS5 and PS4, sometimes title by third-party providers and occasionally only on a single game. But when is the next game status ? In this guide we give you all the details you need to turn on.

State of Things: When is the LiveStream of Sony PlayStation?

The next game status LiveStream takes place at Thursday, March 17, 2022 . Below is a practical list for you to find out when to turn on your time zone:

  • North America: 2 pm PDT / 3 pm MDT / 4 pm CDT / 5 pm EDT
  • United Kingdom / Ireland: 21 clock GMT
  • Europe: 22 clock mez / 11pm EET
  • Asia / Oceania: 6 o’clock JST / 5 o’clock August / 8 o’clock Aedt

State of Things: Where can you see the next Sony Playstation Livestream?

You can watch the next game status on the official Youtube and Twitch accounts from Sony via the corresponding links. You can also watch us directly Press Square , as we host the show with a blog and live chat. Join us!

PlayStation Announces Hogwarts Legacy State of Play - 14 Minutes of new Game Captured on PS5
Of course, if you can not watch game status If it goes live, you can be sure that we can report as soon as possible about all relevant news, so that you can catch up later.

State of Things: Which games are shown or announced?

The next game status is all about the legacy of Hogwarts. This game is a RPG, which plays in the famous school of witchcraft and magic and play a long time before Harry Potters. There will be many brand new gameplay recordings of the game developed at Avalanche Software (perhaps best known for Disney Infinity).

During this state of play no other games are shown or announced. Everything revolves around the legacy of Hogwarts.

State of Things: How long will the LiveStream of Sony PlayStation last?

The next game status will be about 20 minutes long and contain over 14 minutes Gameplay material from Hogwarts Legacy PS5.

Are you looking forward to the next game status live broadcast? Tell us in the comments below.