State of play: What time is the live stream of the Hogwarts legacy?

What time is Sony PlayStation and Live Live Stream Status is the regularly programmed program Sony, broadcast live intermittently throughout the year. Each focuses on different things: sometimes exclusives PS5 and PS4, other times third-party titles and sometimes a single game. But when is the next state of play **? In this guide, we will give you all the details you need to connect.

Status: What time is the live stream of Sony PlayStation?

The following Status The Livestream takes place Thursday 17 March 2022 . Below you will find a convenient list for you to determine what time you log in according to your time zone:

  • North America: 14H00 PAH / 15H00 MDT / 16H00 HAC / 17H00 HAE

Hogwarts Legacy UPDATE 2022 (First Gameplay Footage + Release Date + State of Play)
* United Kingdom / Ireland: 21H00 GMT
* Europe : 10pm CET / 11PM EET
* Asia / Oceania: 6h JST / 5H Aug. / 8H AEDT

Status: Where can you watch the next Livestream Sony PlayStation?

You will be able to look at the rest Status on Sony’s YouTube and Twitch accounts, via the respective links. You can also look with us here on Push Carré , because we host the show with a live blog and chat. Join us!

Of course, if you can not watch status as it will be broadcast live, you can be sure that we will tell you all the relevant news as soon as possible so you can You catch up later.

State of play: What games will be presented or announced?

The next Status is all about Hogwarts Legacy. This game is a rpg taking place in the famous sorcertrolery school and witchcraft, and takes place well before Harry Potter’s time. There will be many new gameplay sequences of the game, which is under development at Avalanche Software (maybe better known for Disney Infinity).

No other game will be shown or announced during this inventory. This one is all about Hogwarts Legacy.

state of play: how long will the Livestream of Sony PlayStation last?

The following Status will last about 20 minutes, with more than 14 minutes of game sequences Hogwarts Legacy PS5.

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