Where to find solar panels in Forza Horizon 5

There are a lot of different compliments to complete in Forza Horizon 5 that will give you credits, cars and other bonuses. One of them is the ‘Total Eclipse’ award that forces you to destroy 100 solar panels in a specific car. In addition to this, you may also discover that the occasional seasonal challenge will ask you to destroy a certain amount of solar panels at a specific time. In this guide, we will explain Where to find Solar Panels in Forza Horizon 5 so you can reap the rewards of your destruction.

Locations of Forza Horizon solar panels 5

The best place to find solar panels in Forza Horizon 5 is located just southeast of the Horizon Festival’s main site, from which it begins, and south of the main road that crosses the map. We have marked its location on the following map.

The ‘town’ or ‘monument’ closest to the solar panels is Mulegé. From here, you must go to the northeast to the location marked with a circle. Alternatively, you can spend some credits to travel fast to a nearby road.

You can also easily recognize the location on your map, because it is silvery and rectangularly.

When you get here, you will find a lot of solar panels for the crushes. Actually, destroying them is as simple as driving towards them at any speed.

If you are trying to complete the ‘Total Eclipse’ award, you must switch to a MITSUBISHI Eclipse GTX of 1995 and destroy 100 solar panels. If you have not traversed enough in a single trip, travel fast and then return to the location and destroy them again.

That’s all you need to know about Where to find solar panels in Forza Horizon 5 . Now you can complete the ‘Total Eclipse’ award and know where to go for future season challenges.

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Solar Panel Locations Forza Horizon 5
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