Departure of RB Leipzig? Thats what Dani Olmo says

Dani Olmo of RB Leipzig has been associated with a change for months. After the offensive player was traded in the past year at FC Bayern, the FC Barcelona is now in the center of speculation. However, the Spaniard probably does not think of a farewell from Saxony.

After his arrival in January 2020 Dani Olmo at RB Leipzig laid a strong development. Last summer, the 23-year-old at the European Championship was part of the main personnel of the Spanish national team, with which he did not fail in the semi-finals at the later winner of Italy.

Almo is long ago also with the European top clubs on the note. Although the rumors have now removed from a possible change to Bayern, FC Barcelona has been regarded as a prospective customer for months.

Barcelona face stiff competition for Lazio star midfielder; Dani Olmo opens up on his future

However, the offensive midfielder would like to leave his decision with his decision as he betrayed “Dani Olmo Image”. “I’m not in a hurry! I am very happy here and still have a contract until 2024,” Olmo explained regarding his future at RB Leipzig.

Olmo: No contact with Barca coach Xavi

Currently he see “no reason to go this summer and change the club”. “I just realized how fast it can go. I have six hard months behind me and I’m glad to play again now. I only focus on the games and not on anything else,” says the Spaniards. Olmo played on the fact that he missed many games through two muscle fiber rises as well as a corona infection in the current season.

The fact that Barca coach Xavi described him as a “strong personality” flatters Olmo but already. “The statement honors me,” said the Leipziger. However, there is “no contact” between him and Xavi, the 18-fold international, which was once trained at the FC Barcelona.