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How to cure status status in Coromon – all status status

In Koromon, you fight with wild koromon and other trainers with your own koromon. They will receive damage from enemy attacks during battles and even get status status. You may be wondering what status status and how to cure them in Coromon.

Status conditions in Coromon: Negative effects which affect your coromon. They differ in action, but most of them can be cured with fruits and cakes. You can also cure status status, healed in Trainer Hub. Here all status status and how to cure them in Coromon .

All status conditions in Coromon

  • Burn – Duri and Ice Pie are treated with fruits
    • Koromon, affected by burn, gets damage every move, but its speed increases.
  • Curse – Heated with an elevator cake
    • Koromon, struck by a curse, gets damage every move and loses consciousness through four strokes if it is not cured.
    • Frost – cured by spicy pie **
    • Koromon, affected by freezing, can not act until it is dropped or cured, and its defense and special protection will not be reduced.
  • Nebula – Jel Fruit and Clear Cake
    • In a koromon, affected by fog, the chance of a critical strike is reduced by twenty percent, and the skills require double endurance into several moves.
  • poison – cured Fik Fruit and Detox Cake
    • Koromon, struck by poison, gets damage every move and loses consciousness after sixteen moves if it is not cured.
  • shock – Cooker fruit and groundcard
    • Koromon, affected by shock, may not be able to act in its turn and have a reduced speed.
  • Sleep – is treated with Gao fruit and coffee cake
    • Koromon, affected by a dream, will not be able to act for several moves, but restores health during sleep.

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