In Elden Ring, players will collect key subjects called Memories after the victory over the demigods and special bosses in the game. These items can be used later for the acquisition of extremely strong equipment items.

You can purchase memories of the born after the victory astel, inborn emptiness . This enemy is located in Encel River region, and players will have to fight this boss as part of the witch’s quest line. The following list contains all options for using “Memories of the Born”:

  • 20 000 RUN (possible sale after purchase)
  • Purchase Star Chase bastard (10,000 RUN)
  • Purchase Asian War: Waves of Darkness (10,000 RUN)

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Players can visit Finger reader ENIA in the “Round Table” store to buy one item in the “memories of inborn”. However, if you want to acquire both items, visit one of walking mausoleums in the game to restore the memory.

Star circuit bastard inflicts magic damage and is ideal for players using agility / intelligence assembly. Similarly, Ash of War: Waves of Darkness gives weapons with magical abilities. It can only be used on large axes, combat hammer and colossal weapons.

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