Paralympics: Kazmaier wins cross-country ski-silver

Linn Kazmaier has also won the silver medal at the Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing. After second place in the Biathlon Sprint, the just 15-year-old with Guide Florian Baumann had to give behind 15 km of the visually impaired with 56.5 second residue only the Ukrainian Oxana Schischkowa. The 18-year-old Leonie Walter (+2: 40.6 minutes) fetched with Guide Pirmin Strecker in the same race Bronze.

In Zhangjiakou National Biathlon Center, Schischkovou, who had already triumphed in the biathlon sprint, drove out a lead from about half a minute directly at the beginning of the race, which they continuously expanded until the end. Kazmaier as well as Walter could not follow. Kazmaier had won on Saturday at the age of 15 years and precisely four months as recent Germans a medal in winter games.

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