Voices to FC Bayern, Gladbach, 1. FC Cologne and Co.: Siegel talks about FCB

FC Bayern has missed a victory against Bayer Leverkusen on the 25th matchday of the Football Bundesliga. With the game course, coach Julian Nagelsmann could not be satisfied as he explained after the game. Hertha-coach Tayfun Korkut was also eaten. His Berlin Club lost 1: 4 against Eintracht Frankfurt. In the evening Borussia Mönchengladbach finally lost despite 2: 0 guidance against VfB Stuttgart (3: 2). These are the votes for the game day.

The votes for the 25th matchday of the Football Bundesliga

  • 1. FC Cologne – TSG Hoffenheim

Steffen Baumgart (coach 1. FC Cologne): “I have seen a very, very good Cologne team. We could have used our possibilities better. My team has made a very good game against a candidate for the Champions League. Overall, it was not only a high-intensive, but also a high-class game. A draw would might be fair. “

Sebastian Hoeneß (coach TSG Hoffenheim): “In the end we have stressed happiness. We could have it easy if we do the 2: 0. The opportunity recovery was the only thing we need to appeal. If you have the Possibilities not against Cologne, you also have to have the surge for luck to win the game. For 65 minutes, we have dominated, we only have to play one or the other way. “That was a big point.”

  • VFB Stuttgart – Borussia Mönchengladbach 3: 2

Pellegrino Matarazzo (coach VFB Stuttgart): “We have conquered many balls well, the remaining defense was good, we had many beautiful attacks, were printing. I am pleased that the boys were finally rewarded for a very, Very good performance. They were a unity in the square. It can do something with a team when you wins after 0: 2 3: 2. “

Chris Leave (scorer VFB Stuttgart) … to the game: “First of all we are incredibly relieved to finally have a threesome again. It has been highly deserved, even if we did not do one or the other thing today have. It was a super reaction of the team and a madness of the fans. “

… to his gate after the misfortune a week ago: “I want to do a goal in each game. Last week was very bitter. But I’m not trying to distract something like that. I’m glad that the ball is glad today The line has gone and am just happy about the victory. “

… the meaning of the victory: “We know that we are not out of the situation for a long time. Today we look forward to the work again right away.”

… to the performance of the team: “So a performance like today we should bring in the place every week. Everyone has to bring 100 percent, sometimes it works well, sometimes worse. This setting we take with and bring them back next week the place.”

SASA KALAJDZIC (scorer VFB Stuttgart) … to the game: “After the game we were incredibly relieved, especially after the last two games, where we give the game twice out of hand. This time we said, that we bring the lead home. The team made it outstanding, we did not let ourselves push in the back. We deserved. “

… to his goal: “I just speculated that the ball comes in the back room. I knew the haare I pure. Just assume, turn and into the long corner – thank you! I’ve already had a ball in the must do the first half. But that is not up to me, but not more. “

… to the meaning of victory: “We have already seen it in the last two games, that we can. And today the fans were outstanding, which have played a giant roll. This victory was extremely important if you can see that Augsburg won has. We are now closer to it. In the previous season we had somehow afraid to win. “

… to his whereabouts at VfB Stuttgart: “I do not know that now, I have read a little bit about it, but I always focus on the present. It’s so phrases that you always bring so. Even if something Would not, I would not say it here now. But it’s really nothing. I live every day to help this club. I do not want to descend. The rest is on me in good Austrian. “

Sven Mishintat (team Director VFB Stuttgart) … to decide on the whereabouts of Pellegrino Matarazzo (before the game): “The question was answered by many people in the club, from Claus Vogt or by Thomas Hitzlsperger. You have in Hopefully I realize that I am a very team-capable and loyal teams director. We try to solve everything in the group. ”

… to the future of coach Matarazzo (before the game): “The topic is much bigger and the decision was made at the beginning of the season when we decided against a larger investor. We have to generate money from transfers, we have done, I would not find it alright Pelligrino now to say, “Take a buddy, you’re the only factor that has to answer for.”. “

… to question whether he has to go when Matarazzo goes (before the game): “We are a package, yes.”

Adi Hütter (coach Borussia Mönchengladbach): “We have given the game out of hand and it did not manage to defend well. That’s not in the form. We have experienced players, you have to get better in the two fights doing. This is crazy and extremely disappointing. Every game is now a final for us. “

Yann Summer (goalkeeper Borussia Mönchengladbach) … to the game: “We have earned lost today. Stuttgart was better in the second half of classes better than we – in all matters. So you can not win a Bundesliga game.”

… to ask how this performance is to explain: “Exactly this question I also ask myself. The question is to answer, then we are a big step forward. Today we did not have a chance to win this game.”

… for performance in the second half: “If you only see the last goal: We are bad in the sixteen. We do not appreciate the danger correctly. That Kalajdzic is a good striker, we knew before, alone.”

… to the question of how to get out of the crisis: “We have to go through as a team. We now had a lot of moments, where we fell apart a bit, as today in the second half. They showed us We are now asked as a team to defend us. “

Christoph Kramer (Borussia Mönchengladbach) … to the gameplay: “At some point, from the 60th or 70th minute, if you have invested so many meters in the width without having a yield, you have it in your own Ball possession hard to hold up the concentration. Then it looks like our last half hour looked at: really bad. “

… to possible approaches for improvements: “I do not know who helps us. Maybe the love of God. We have really many construction sites and have to start at many things. Of course you can always explain a game after the game, but we have to explain a game after the game Before the game, do so much that something does not happen to us. We stood today with all the eleven man in their own half and never had the feeling we have access. “

… to the defensive approach of Gladbacher: “We wanted to stand deeper today, because we got many goals. Now we got three goals, though we were deep. With high start, we are difficult to defend ourselves, with quad or fifter chain – that does not matter. It is totally hard to stay positive. Everyone is right with his criticism, because there is a thousand construction sites. We have to look that we are looking right, tackle. “

… to mood while walking into the fan curve: “I can understand the frustration. You go here 2: 0 in the lead, make two great gates and then the whole curve and we at half time: ‘Boah, today can us Let’s take a real step out. ‘ I can understand the frustration, that must be like that. It belongs so, then then to go. “

  • FC Bayern Munich – Bayer Leverkusen 1: 1

Julian Nagelsmann (coach Bayern Munich): “The first half hour was very good of us, because we had very good control. It was missing the second goal. Then we get the gate, that was avoidable. Then we have avoidable Happiness and have to come back. We had too simple mistakes. In the second half Leverkusen had three good counterattacks. We missed something of the punch. The point goes in order for both teams. Thomas Müller is not happy, but not mega dejected, That happens the best, it will not hust up him sustainably. “

Niklas Sule (scorer FC Bayern Munich) … to the game: “I think we played one of the best first 30 minutes this season. After the unfortunate 1: 1 we fell together a bit and had too Light ball losses, which in the last few weeks also a bit too much is for us. We have enabled the opponent to return to the game again. “That must not happen to us.”

… to the setback of the 1: 1: “We have admitted two, three high-profile opportunities after compensation, had three, four ball losses within five minutes. Since you have noticed the uncertainty at this moment. In the second half We came out again with more control, but of course we stopped today. ”

… to the performance fluctuations of the last weeks: “We have already delivered this year and have already shown good football here at home. I do not want to compare the game today with the game in Bochum, but you also have a phases in The season in which one has fewer confidence when setbacks come. Nevertheless, the 1: 1 is too little. “

… for his achievements since his announced farewell: “I have not never been portrayed in vain, because I got gratitude by my parents. I am grateful, it is not self-evident that I games here, now to Dortmund changing and now The viewers still call my name when I make a gross. It sees that I have given everything in the last five years for the club, everything won. But I’m grateful. The day will come on say and I’ll comment on my new club. But hopefully see, I’ll give everything here week for week. “

… for missing appreciation at Bayern: “I am nothing but grateful here. I will give everything here until the last day and hopefully get two titles.”

Gerardo Seoane (Trainer Bayer Leverkusen): “The first 30 minutes were weak of us. We have used us in the new system. But it was also due to the appearance of Bayern. Then we won trust and Had some very good situations. Compliment to the team, she has fought solidarically, was very passive. “

Jonathan Tah (Bayer Leverkusen) for the trouble at half-time over the awarded bulk opportunities: “Of course, the trouble was extremely large, but you have to stay positive. We have a young team, you may not have to do it, but we had to do not have to do it Push each other. We have said that we have to suffer. We have made that until the end, that was not easy, because it is not our way to play. “

Kerem Demirbay (Bayer Leverkusen) for his free kick, which led to the 1: 1: “This definitely has given us a push again. We have already said before the game that something is going on today and that we are very good today Team are who do not have to hide. In the first 15 minutes we have a heavy, but then got energy through the 1: 1. “

Lukas Hradecky (goalkeeper Bayer Leverkusen) Go to the goal: “That was not optimal. I did not come to the ball. At the end of the day, that’s my goal.”

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  • Hertha BSC – Eintracht Frankfurt 1: 4

Tayfun Korkut (Trainer Hertha BSC): “Our starting point was clear. We wanted today, because our fans were so numerous there, make a better game and made us a lot, we did not bring it to the square, In the end, the performance was not good enough to bring a well-organized team in distress. We get the goals at unfavorable times. “

Marc Oliver KEPPEPP (HERTHA BSC) to the crisis in Berlin: “I have been here for a few weeks now and we have not won a game yet. That pisses me exaggerated. Everyone has to be puking enough here Pick up against and take home three points. Everyone has to understand that and not only running around Larifari here and let them go back 4: 1. “

OLIVER GLASNER (Coach Eintracht Frankfurt): “Over 90 minutes it was a deserved victory of us. I am happy about how we have occurred. We have led the game. The only thing we could have done better, Were even more goals. In the second half, the boys have implemented the great. With the fourth goal the lid was on it. I am happy that all offensive players were involved in the gates. “

  • VFL Wolfsburg – Union Berlin 1: 0

Florian Kohfeldt (coach VfL Wolfsburg): “It was a happy home win, a draw would have been possible. A few weeks ago we would have lost such a game. But we have won stability and attitude.”

Max Kruse (VFL Wolfsburg) to victory against his ex-club: “One point would have just been fair for Union in the end. But in the end, the three points count for us that we have to get at the moment.”

Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin): “This game was like an increase run. In the second half we made a great game. Since we had enough opportunities, but ultimately it was a used afternoon.”

Grischa Prömel (1st FC Union Berlin) to the game: “It is madness that we do not win this game. We have played throughout the Wolfsburg Gate, I do not know how many chances we had. That’s why that suerly. “

  • VFL Bochum – SPVGG Greuther Fürth 2: 1

Thomas Rice (coach VFL Bochum): “It was not soccerist certainly not our best game. Small things have decided, we have made two standard tracks. I have to praise the viewers who have whipped us forward. That was scary, Now we have 32 points, nothing has reached yet, but with the way, with the attitude I am absolutely agreed. “

Anthony Losilla (Captain VfL Bochum) to his cheers with the fingers: “That’s for my little daughter. This describes a heart. She said: ‘If you shoot a gate, make this sign.’ I absolutely wanted to do that for my daughter. “

Stefan Leitl (coach SPVGG Greuther Fürth): “We are already very disappointed, on the one hand due to the defeat, on the other because we could not build on the achievements of the past weeks. We had a very bad dual-fighting rate. We had little to oppose. The competition gave us the chance to get us again, but we did not use it. “

Max Christiansen (SPVGG Greuther Fürth) to the next defeat: “This is a question of attitude, the whole team must be there, not only individual players. Otherwise it will be hard if individual players are not approaching the power maxim. Then you lose a game like today. “

  • RB Leipzig – SC Freiburg 1: 1

Domenico Tedesco (Trainer RB Leipzig): “The 0: 1 could not have been that was extremely annoying. We did not have many chances of chances, with the result, but we are okay. It’s always hard against Freiburg If you lie back. It’s good that Angelino has met, at least we take a point. “

Lukas Klostermann (RB Leipzig): “I actually found that we were almost over the whole game the better team. We got the goal with a chance of the opponent, that was extremely bitter. Then we started a lot and have started Have a lot tried, without being really mandatory. Even if it is difficult, you should look forward to the point from tomorrow. “

Christian Streich (Trainer SC Freiburg): “I am satisfied with the team, she has shown an extraordinary performance, which concerns the will. We made an extraordinary game from the energy, attitude and puree. Am It was certainly a deserved draw for Leipzig. I will probably not win in my life here, but that’s not so important. “

EMMEDIN DEMIROVIC (scorer SC Freiburg) .. To the self-image of the club: “We look at ourselves as a top team. If we go on the game to play this season, then we have demolished this season a lot.”

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… to the reaction of Christian prank to the previous statement: “There he may be a little mad at me, but you can also think a little bigger, we are a good team. Today you have seen this again. We can see that a lot And we can self-confidently approach the matter. “

  • Arminia Bielefeld – FC Augsburg 0: 1

Frank Kramer (coach Arminia Bielefeld): “It was fought with hard two fights. The team that makes the crucial mistake goes as a loser from the square. That were unfortunately we were not clear and constructive enough.”

Markus Weinzierl (coach FC Augsburg): “It was a deserved victory. We defended everything, which has come forward. It was a very intense game. The team really wanted.”