Polish Association stimulates special transfer windows for players from Russian League

World of football comes together to protest Russia's invasion of Ukraine
As “The Guardian” reported on Thursday, the Polish Association has sent a corresponding proposal to FIFA to give players of the league the opportunity for a club change. Russian teams had been excluded from international competitions due to the attack on the neighboring country.

The German coach Markus Gisdol (Lok Moscow) and Daniel Fark (Krasnodar) have already left their clubs and no longer want to work in Russia. This option should now also receive players and may change before opening the transfer window in summer. Due to the economic sanctions against Russia, it could be problematic for clubs to pay their players.

On Wednesday, the International Player Association FIFPRO had also brought this step into play. One was already in conversations with the FIFA and the leagues, it was said. In addition, FIFPRO, foreign professionals in Russia called for a special right of termination and thus to give a removable change.

Brazilian of Schachtar Donetsk arrived in the home

A group of Brazilian players who are still under contract at the Ukrainian Club Schachtar Donetsk has met the home. “The worst thing we were on the street: people who died, people who had nothing to do with this situation,” said Schachtar striker Pedrinho after arriving in Sao Paulo. Maycon cared for his teammates: “We have great friends there, I’m sorry for you.”