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LOL – UpSet is the new king: The Fnatic shooter exceeds the historical record of Rekkles

UpSet The regular phase of lec 2022 has been completed with a historical record for the European League of Legends. Throughout this first stretch of the season, the Fnatic shooter only died on 11 occasions. Sufficient figure to overcome the record established by Rekkles in the Spring Split 2018. Still with the Fnatic T-Shirt, the Swedish shooter ended that season swinging the knee at only 13 occasions by certifying a plusman that already seemed very difficult to overcome.

UpSet record that changes the European League of Legends

To achieve the lowest death record in the history of the European League of Legends competition, UpSet has had to reaffirm its lower lane domain becoming the highlight shooter of the competition . Although the team does not allocate as many resources to the lower lane and only receive 23.8% of the gold, the player is able to inflict 25.6% of the equipment damage. A survival that is not at odds with taking risks and has served to win the line (advantage at minute 15) in 12 of the 18 games.

The only shooter who could discuss to UpSet the domain of him on the LE has been comp. Rogue’s player has gotten very good statistics in the early game and has been one of the pillars of his team. However, the technical tie of it in some statistics has come in exchange for a few additional deaths that suppose to deliver more resources to the enemy team. However, the Greek player has also closed a great season and the fact that we even consider him a candidate, he says much about the return of him to the maximum European competition.

When REKKLES Pulled Out The BIGGEST COMEBACK in League Of Legends History !

With the record of it, the transition from FNATIC is also ratified. Although at the beginning the team seemed lost after the march of a rekkles who exercised by leader, amateurs have now found a new figure in which to support . The same UpSet was defined himself in a joke as a “_New Rekkles, although more handsome and less passive online”. We are not sure of the veracity of the entire statement, although yes of the first part: now the club has a new shooter to lead in the loyalty crack.