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Familiar with PC / Mobile Familiar SLG Maker Cairo Software Appears in Steam! “Game Development Country ++” “Adventure Dungeon Village”, etc. 5 works

Cairo Soft has published the STEAM store page of 5 works such as management simulation “ Game Development Country ++ ” and City Making Simulation “ Adventure Dungeon Village”.

Cairo Soft announces the old bookstore management simulation game “THE old book shop” in 1996. Since then, we have announced a simulation game of various subjects such as a game maker, a school, a man, cartoonist, and a fantasy city. From 2001, many works for mobile released, and in recent years, we have developed works for PS4 / Nintendose switches.

This time it was published for STEAM, “Game Development Country ++” “Yukemuri Onsen Town” “Adventure Dungeon Village” “Yume Story DX” “Hokupa City Railway”. The STEAM version can be launched simultaneously in window mode, and also supports multilingual support including Japanese, cloud save, pad and mouse & keyboard operation.

In addition, work for Cairo Soft PC is about 20 years. While being a simple game, I am looking forward to the response for future PCs, a long-established game manufacturer that has created many games that you want to do without any time.

Five works such as “Game Development Country ++” for STEAM will be released March 2022.