“Disproportionate”: VFB folder attack Gladbach

There are disturbing video recordings that circulate in the network. About ten in yellow folders beating on some Gladbach fans, in boxer attitude they push them against a wall, fists fly, and in the end, a security man also brings out with the foot, although the affected person in defensive defensive posture with hands and Arms protectively standing in front of the face. Panic screams from other stadium visitors can be heard.

On Twitter, the “Fan Help Mönchengladbach” condemned the scenes as “absolutely disproportionate violence use of the VFB folders”. Next it was: “We will support the fans concerned with any criminal charges. From VFB Stuttgart, we demand an explanation of the incidents and clear distancing from the violent folders. These people are not in a folder vest, but in court.”

Precedained a dispute between two fans, whereupon the folders wanted to push the parties from the guest block. “Even there they went disproportionately hard before the violence escalated without the occasion and on one side completely,” wrote the “Fan Help Mönchengladbach”.

Since it is beaten, stepped, this is crude violence and no deeskalating intervention.

Borussia Mönchengladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach itself also doubts if the procedure was appropriate. “The pictures that are available to us do not speak for an appropriate procedure of the regulatory service,” said the five-time German champion via Twitter on Sunday. “There is beaten, stepped, this is crude violence and no de-leveling intervention. That must be worked up,” wrote the foals.

Statement of VfB Stuttgart

Still on Saturday evening, there had been a first reaction from the Stuttgart, the “VFB Service Team” answered the “Fan Help Mönchengladbach” on Twitter: “Both clubs are in exchange, collecting the material and will work together the processes. Please give us the time to clarify that in peace. “

On Sunday morning, the VFB then published a statement on its website. It says: “The VFB Stuttgart dissocates itself from the violence that can be seen in a video widely used in the network. Still on Saturday night, collecting images and testimonies started both fans and employees of the regulatory service.” As soon as the workup is completed, you will inform about it.

How many people injuries went away, has not been announced so far.

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