Christoph Kramer, Gladbach: “I do not know who helps us”

Christoph Kramer is known and appreciated for clear, significant and reliable words like analyzes – especially when it concerns himself and his Gladbach team. His view of the 2: 3 after 2-0 leadership at Kellerkind Stuttgart was seamless, the world champion from 2014 struck in the same notch as his captain Yann Sommer with its own hard criticism.

While the Swiss had spoken by a demonstration of the ability-threatened Stuttgart, Kramer continued to go on in conversation with TV channels “Sky”: “Away is always a hard word. But already before the 2-0, Stuttgart had moments where they goals could have d1. We are only pushed in the back and we never find, really never, a moment where we can start and put it under pressure. And then it looks like it’s the same with us especially in the last half hour – namely really bad. “

No longer known statistics

The numbers after this bankruptcy matching bands: since 13 playing now the eleven has not played from the Lower Rhine to zero, as long as no other Bundesliga team is currently, and on top of that already 51 goals and twelve defeats collected.

Interview: World champion Christoph Kramer (Gladbach)

We really have many construction sites and have to simply start at many things.

Christoph Kramer

After successful years with Champions League and Europe League participations, the reality under coach Adi Hütter and Max-Eberl-Sportschef successor Roland Virkus looks so that the traditional club with only five points looks down in front of a direct descent rank – And according to Kramer something to change as soon as possible at the attitude as well as game preparation.

“I do not know who helps us – maybe the love of God?”, So the midfield man. “We have really many construction sites and have to start at many things. Of course you can always sit down after such a game and analyze a game. That’s easy, but we have to see that we do so much before the games no longer happened. We are today, for example, with all the eleven man in their own half, and I never feel that we get really good access. They play at our sixteen,… as you want. “

“1000 construction sites”

But not enough. Kramer lay down – and revealed that the defensive orientation had been the plan from the beginning. Just not the execution of this: “We wanted to make it deeper today because we always got many goals. And then you have to choose a different approach. But now we got three again, though we were deeper. We are hard to defend with deeply defending ourselves, we do not care about foursome or fiffer chain, all no matter. There are so many things. It is totally hard, because then to stay positive. Everyone who says now is missing, the passion lacks, smopping ‘Haste not seen’… Everyone is right because there are just 1000 construction sites. We have to see that we really really tackle. “

“That the fans is frustrated, I can absolutely understand”

Listen from the casselior fans after playing a lot: Gladbach’s players. Getty Images

The fact that the trailer to Stuttgart trailerly criticized the team directly after the deck was just in the picture – also for Kramer: “I can understand the frustration of the fans. That’s just like that. You go with 2: 0 in the lead, do two Really great gates – and then the whole curve and we also players in the cabin: ‘Boah, there can be a really big step today.’ And then you lose this at the end 2: 3. “

“That the fans are awesome, I can absolutely understand,” says the 31-year-old. “That must be like that, that here is no idea how many kilometers went to have spent time in the car and all the whole Saturday here and now frustrated again, it belongs that we’re going to go there. And that the mood then after that a game is heated, it is clear. “

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