Tiraspol coach Vernydub is fighting for Ukraine

Different skills can hardly be. No half a year ago, Yurij Vernydub was at the sideline of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu and Sebastien Thill’s dream goal for a sensational away win at Real Madrid.

Ukrainian fighters grease bullets against Chechens with pig fat

Underdog Sheriff Tiraspol wins at record champion, there were many a small football tale. However, a nightmare has become a nightmare from the fairy tale, and nothing has to do with football. There are more important things, it also thinks Vernydub – he has left his post as sheriff coach for the moment. “When my son called me and told me that the Russians have attacked us, I knew that I had to go home and fight,” said Vernydub towards BBC.

The league victory on Tuesday against Milsami Orhei got the 56-year-old only about the phone with which his players repeatedly reported him again and again. He believes in this surreal situation. “Football is my life. To think of football motivates me. We will win and then I will go back to my beloved work.”