Investigation Adventure “Disc Lonia: CA” Deferred for quality up. META QUEST 2 Version 1 in Summer, Nintendo Switch Version from Winter

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Domestic game development company MyDearest announced the release postponement of “ Disc Lonia: CA (Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate) “. The Meta Quest 2 version Chapter 1 was scheduled to be released 2022, but changed to summer of 2022. It is said that the postponement has been decided for quality improvement due to the extension of the development period. In addition, the schedule after Chapter 1 is also changed. Chapters 2 and 2 are scheduled to be released after 2022 and 2022, each after the Fall of 2022.

“Disclonia: CA” is a VR / non VR investigation adventure game that investigates murder cases that can not happen. In the Sea City Astram Close, the stage of this work, it boasted a crime rate of 0.001% by preventing any crime by dreaming. However, one day incident occurs. Dr. Albert, a city of the city, is killed by someone.

The main character of this work is a young man who lost memory due to an accident during the experiment. Astram Close Special Objective Hull has started investigation by request from cities. He is approaching the mystery that the doctor was killed or what is happening in the city. When the later bell resonates, the last seven days will open.

Hull has the ability to access the memories of things that touched his left hand. He touches things and reads memory and flying in the past to know the truth of the incident. However, this work has a hearing part, and you have to collect evidence and prove the truth against integrated artificial intelligence that protects urban happiness. Therefore, in the investigation part, we will collect evidence in parallel with the memory read. He reads memories of things with the left hand and hands things with your right hand and proceed with investigation.

In addition to being provided with a device in the investigation part, the behavior of the story changes depending on Hull behavior is also introduced. In addition, Meta Quest 2 (Oculus QUEST 2) version is VR, and Nintendo Switch version is a work of NON-VR.

MYDEAREST, which is working on this work, is a domestic start-up company that is developing VR games and so on. We have released a VR work that emphasizes the story experience, such as “AltDeus: Beyond Chronos” “Tokyo Chronos” and “Innocent Forest”. The “AltDeus: Beyond Chronos” STeam version has won the status “very popular” due to 96% of the more than 180 user reviews.

This work “Disc Lonia: CA” has also been developed through the success of the Cloud Funding Campaign, but the delivery of the Meta Quest 2 version of the META QUEST 2 version has been changed from the spring of 2022 to the summer of 2022 It was d1. According to a press release, postponement is to be a purpose of quality up. The extended development period is used to comment by using “to create a play experience that can be led to a more story”. It seems that development has been underway with the aim of improving the quality of the game experience and graphics.

“Disc Lonia: CA” is developing for Nintendo Switch / Meta Quest 2. The Meta Quest 2 version will release Chapter 1 in the summer of 2022, and Chapter 3 will be released after the Fall of 2022. The Nintendo Switch version of the full episode is scheduled to be released after winter 2022. Also, there are other devices / platform versions of this work, and it seems that there is a notice.