Epic Games has bought Bandcamp

It sounds hard to believe, but Epic Games is more than just _ fortnite _. This company has had important contributions in the development of video games, particularly with its graphic engine unreal . Now that it is fashionable to buy studies and others, Epic did not want to be left behind and on this occasion they acquired Bandcamp , an online music store.

The news was confirmed through a publication at the official site of EPIC , where the company mentions that BandCamp will play an important role in the vision of Epic to build Marketplace of creators in a full ecosystem of content, technology, games, art, music and more. For its part, Bandcamp mentioned that they will also help them with the development of mobile applications and marketing tools. Interestingly, Bandcamp will continue to operate as if nothing in the near future, so the members and users of this online platform have nothing to worry about.

Epic Games Buy Bandcamp!
It is worth remembering that last year Epic also bought Harmonix , the developers of Rock Band, so certainly something are between hands as to the issue of music. At the moment they are not clear which are the plans of EPIC long term, but all these acquisitions have a why and it will be interesting to discover what its objective was all this time.

Editor’s note: Actually the only thing that worries me about all this is that Epic wants to start marketing with NFTS. The theme is very hot at this time, but the reality is that these digital goods are not very good seen in the gaming, so hope that the creators of Fortnite and unreal do not want to enter him too.