How to cure Poison Status Effect in Elden Ring

How to Cure Poison Elden Ring Recipe Location

The poison is a destructive status effect that can bring you out of order during any battle and easy to kill if it is not stopped. Currently we found two different ways of cure from poison in Elden Ring – you can buy goods or learn spell. That’s how to find everyone.

Neutralizing bolus

The easiest way to cure poison is to buy Neutralizing bolses, which you can find in nomader inventory. You can find this seller on South-West Bank in Limgrave next to Coastal Cave – He has a fire under a large bunch of rubble on the shore.

Spell treatment poison

You can find this spell in Round table When talking with Brother Corin . Simply select Spell Study and select Cure Poons Spell from the menu. You will need to have your faith attribute pumped to 10 However, use this spell.

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