Horizon Forbidden Wests 1.06 update is now available, here are the update notes

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Horizon Forbidden West is released and players certainly find many bugs. Fortunately, Guerrilla Games seems to be exploded as quickly as possible with major game updates, and the last of them is now available on PlayStation 5 and PS4. Version 1.06 is ready to roll and brings tons of patches.

There are many quest-specific patches that avoid progress locks or other problems, as well as some problems with secondary activities such as Strike Machine. Most will probably seek patches to the visual problems of the game, and there are also many. According to official update notes, these flagrant pop-in problems should be eliminated (or at least considerably reduced), the trembling camera should now be straightened and this boring problem of photo mode where Aloy is partially blurred.

One thing players seem to challenge is the amount of chatter that Alan is done throughout the match. It has not been “repaired”, but Guerrilla has reduced the number of mentions of its reservation, which is a beginning.

Here are all the update notes you need (potential spoilers):

Main quests

  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “REACH for the stars” where Varl could stay stuck to swim, which led to a missing prompt for [examine the machine carcass] on the glinthawk observation site, thus blocking any progression later.
  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “REACH for the stars” where Varl is teleportation visibly after the focus scan tutorial.
  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “Reach for the stars” where Aloy could get stuck in a fall animation when she grabbed a climbing point that collapsed and used the pullecaster on a grapple point in same time.
  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “REACH for the stars” where there was a sudden change in sunlight when Aloy was going through a certain place inside the shuttle tower.
  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “Death’s Door” where reloading from a certain backup caused the replay of the FireGeL explosion.
  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “The dying lands” where Aloy and his companions were snow-covered inside the cauldron.
  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “The Broken Sky” where Kotallo could sometimes be distracted and move away from the task to be done, which could block progress.
  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “The Broken Sky” where Aloy was placed in an unintended pose when reloading a certain backup.
  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “The Kulut” where a lens marker led to a blocked path.

Horizon Forbidden West Reveal (2021) vs Retail (2022) | Direct Comparison
* Fixed a problem in the main quest “Seeds of the past” where Alva sometimes could not reach the console, blocking progress.
* Correction of a problem in the main quest “Seeds of the past” where the reloading of the backup after killing the machines outside the ELM test station would generate Aloy stuck in the ground.
* Fixed a problem in the main quest “singularity” where reloading a certain backup caused incorrect playback of a certain dialogue line.

Secondary quests

  • Fixed a problem in the secondary quest “The Blood Choke” where Atekka did not move in case of need, thus blocking progress.
  • Fixed a problem in the secondary quest “The Promontory” where reloading from a backup after the “Investigating Bridge” objective would place the player in Plainsong.
  • Temperate the vigilance of machines in the secondary quest “the sand wound”, so that they no longer enter a suspect state immediately after reloading from a certain backup.
  • Fixed a problem in the secondary quest “A separate tribe” where the reloading of a backup created after opening the metal flower to Riverwatch made the vines reappeared.

Global activities

  • Fixed an infinite black screen that occurred after hiding the champion spear, then launched a tutorial or challenge in KEELEE PIT Chainscrape, or a fixed loading challenge in the arena.
  • Fixed a problem in Cauldron mu where a platform at the end of the cauldron could arrive late, trapping the player below.
  • Fixed a problem in the lifeline The Stillsands: Pristine Bellowback where the corpse of the incorrect machine appeared when reloading from the backup after defeating the machine.
  • Fixed a problem in machine Strike where the player was no longer able to attack after choosing to repeat the instructions for the combat power of the unit.
  • Fixed a problem in machine Strike where the compass appeared on the screen after the player retrieved a match he had lost.
  • Fixed a problem where a wild loading screen could appear in the Arena menu, after the return of a challenge.
  • Fixed a problem where recovery machines did not appear after killing other types of machines in some habitats.
  • Fixed a problem with the views of the dome where icons did not affect correctly after reloading a backup.
  • Fixed a problem in Salvage Contract: The Lost Supplies where the quest could not be rendered in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem with the track “The world on his shoulders” that was repeated if the player was using the quick trip after climbing a signaling tower. Please note that this is not solved for players who have already encountered this problem, we study a separate fix for that.


  • Deleting the haptic return When you stand next to a campfire and during fast trips if the vibration intensity sliders are set to 0.
  • Fixed a problem where a Vista image appeared in front of a Black Box collection object in the menu.


  • Correction of several object instances in the world that appears visibly between different levels of detail.
  • Fixed a problem in photo mode where some parts of Aloy’s outfit and body became fuzzy in some poses.
  • Improved visual differentiation of attack and motion indicators in Strike Machine.
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem with underwater cubemap.
  • Fixed a problem where an artifact blur was visible around the heavy crossbow when it was used in combat.
  • Correction of several cases where the camera trembled and behaved involuntarily.
  • Several quest objects to manufacture had the wrong model in the workshop interface, they have now been replaced by the final assets.
  • Fixed a problem with Parallax mapped foam by removing the variable height scale for a constant value; When the original dynamic input value has become too high, it started separating the parallax layers. To correct the poor separation of layers to eye angles, the height ladder is defined by a little Fresnel-based logic.
  • Correction of several NPC instances in the colonies do not display the right level of detail when playing the PS4 version of the game.
  • Fixed a problem in the Tavern Chainscrape where the moving the camera to a certain place caused sudden lighting changes.
  • Improved noise reduction on the ambient occlusion of the screen space.
  • Reduction of the thumbnail screen effect when activating Valor surges and when Aloy was in poor health.

Performance and stability

  • Several crash patches.
  • Correction of several resources that appeared or diffused visibly during cinematics.
  • Correction of several unintentional black loading / screens that tripped at specific points.


  • Aloy will not mention his reserve as often as before.
  • Multiple location corrections and text alignment corrections.
  • Multiple visual and audio improvements of cinematics.
  • Correction of a problem where Aloy froze in a specific pose when changing the weapon during a heavy burned melee attack.
  • Fixed a problem where remapping the main shooting controls on R1 prevented the player throwing stones.
  • The impact of the lance when using “Strike from Above” lacked a sound effect that has now been added.
  • Correction of a problem where the player lost the control of Aloy if he sprinted and slipped into the water at a specific location in the ruins north of Landfall.
  • Fixed a problem with the camera during the end generic.

  • Correction of multiple instances of the mount behaving erratically in specific locations when driving on the roads.

The 1.06 patch is a little over 1 GB, at least on PS5, so it should not have time to install it. What do you think of this last update by Horizon Forbidden West? Tell us in the comments section below, and take a look at our Horizon Forbidden West for full help with the game.