Twitch Streamer from Elden Ring Lose the overview of the Notoriously tricky bosses of the game

Elden Ring is praised fantastic by critics – so much that it is one of the best rated console games of all time. But just because Elden Ring is a good game, even a fantastic game, does not mean that it is a simple game.

In fact, it is clearly not a simple game – that’s the FROMSOFTS Formula. There is little what they can lead after being thrown into the world of the Lands Between, and it is inevitable that the players hike a bit too close to nasty creatures, whose debris will take hours – even with the best elden Ring weapons in hand.

And for that reason, the games of fromSoftware always offer plenty of entertainment for those who are watching how their favorite persons are trying to beat the bosses of the series – and that’s no different with Elden Ring. According to the opening weekend of Elden Ring, there is a huge and urkay collection of twitch clips of well-known streamer, which completely lose the mind because of some of the first bosses of Elden Ring, which they encounter.

For example, watch Maximilian “Maximilian Dood” Christensen. For a streamer of fighting games one would expect Maxillian Dood to be afraid of a scrap. But even his “Tactical Runaway” strategy went back to the back when he took it with the Tree Sentinel. If this clip does not show you why you are never really safe in Elden Ring, we do not know what it will.

It is clear that the difficulties of the bosses of Elden Ring lead to heavy communication balancing. Here is ‘Asmongold’, which makes his best impression of Animal from The Muppets as he tries to defeat the two Demi-Human Chief bosses. Let us know if you understand what he said.

Jeremy, Jerma ‘Elbertson, on the other hand, is full of confidence that Elden Ring will become a breeze. However, he immediately regrets the attempt to do Margit, The Fur Omen, with a trickshot with closed eyes. How to expect, did not work so well for him.

But what happens when a streamer finally defeated a boss? Pure enthusiasm, that’s something. Especially if you have been fighting the same boss for an eternity.

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Brandon, Atrioc ‘Ewing was hysterical, after finally defeating the Tree Sentinel, against which he had dueled most of his nine hours of stream.

This is just a small selection of dozens of clips out there, where streamer lose their heads over the bosses of Elden Ring. If you only read our Elden Ring Complete Solution… Even if from software with Elden Ring has been discussed in many ways to new players, it’s nice to know that his notoriously hard bosses are still exactly that.