Bandai Namco Packman Museum +, Console-Pc version 14 collections

PAC-MAN MUSEUM + - Release Date Announcement Trailer
Bandai Namco adds 14 new collections to the Packman Museum +.

American Game Media Game Spot reported that a new packman collection was added on May 27, which comes to the Packman Museum +. The new collection is applied to the console and the PC version. Hardware applied is a variety of platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

The Packman Museum + includes 14 pack master collections to the latest titles, such as arcade classics from Arcade Classic. The collection of contained title lists seems to emphasize the Pacman’s 2D adventure. Because of this, it was noted that games such as Packman World are not included. Automatic

In addition to the 14 Packman Games list, the Packman Museum + can make your own arcade and specify your own arcade. When you complete a variety of missions and achievements in a variety of titles, you can get coins to the player, and this coin can be used to purchase more arcade custom options.

Pac-Attack, Pac-Man Arrangement Arcade Version, Pac Motos, Pac-Man Battle Royale, Pac-Man 256 also allow simultaneous offline play.