Final Fantasy XIV

[PWS] Emec, Weekly Final 1 Parking Winning the overwhelming score

Battle Ground East Asia Regional Integrated Isphori Competition ‘2022 Pub Weekly Series: Phase 1 (PWS Phase 1) of Weekly Final 1st Parking was finished. This Weekly Final’s 1st parking has earned a prize of 10 million won while Emec Storme has won the overwhelming score.

On the day of Weekly Finals, the “Emecst Storm X”, 4 Match ‘솨이, and 5 Match’ Kee Eas Purs’, respectively, in the two-match fifty-five-day two-match.

Emtech Storme has won a total of 151 points, and 111 of the Emsbury Isphos, and the senior crew were behind 82 points. The fourth place is Taiwan’s 솨솨 ”, and 5th place in Guangdong Prix.

The Killpoint ranking in the Weekly Finals was held in the order of Emec Storm X ‘Deva (28KK), the Gybali Ispos’ Heaven ‘(26KK), Emtech Storm X’ s Sparow (26K).

A discord interview was conducted by the 1st parking and the Emtec Storm X ‘Daemec Storm X’ Da Ba ‘Lee Sung-rae and the Gimbali Isphos’ Heaven’ Kim Tae Sung participated.

** Under the answer,

Emtech Storm X ‘Da Ba’ Lee Sung-Ra

\ – The emotion of the Weekly Final

Da Ba: I feel good because the team members have gained a high score. I think I can not find a short part and do it better.

Heaven: It’s a late compared to other teams, but it is good for grades to come well.

\ – Impressive moments are

Daema: In the first day of Weekly Final, the engagement at the time of the “Rokki” will be lost to 3 to 1.

Haven: The edge of the chicken in this last round was impressive because it was a lot of kills.

** \ – How to get a lot of points, think about the point of change to point,

Da Ba: Point thinks I should not be. It seems to be able to fit the sum of the sum, blocking the variable well. It was possible that the briefing was fine, and it was possible to make focusing well because it was able to get the score significantly. Personally, it was a defensive tendency, and it seemed to have a feedback that I would like to active, aggressively, and I seemed to keep this play.

Heaven: There is a lot of play that makes it bold after a change in Pointul.

\ – Da Baba has supplements any point

Da Ba: There was a passive passive, but changed by Point Rulo and complemented with aggressive play practice to kill more kills.

** If you have a match that has been concluded from the 2th day,

Daema: Peccado is confirmed in the victory match.

** In the 9th match, I was disappointed in the process of attacking the first place in Guangdong Prix. What feedback is coming?

Da Ba: I decided to check with the turret and hit the turret, but it was not good, and it seemed to have failed to attack the opponent. When I had a feedback, I was talking about the window angle, using the fights, such as flash,

\ – I heard that Emtech Storme went to the hostel soon. The situation in front of the director

Daema: There is no spirit to carry and practice from the morning. (Laughter)

\ – After the first day after the first place, it was a strategy in the situation where there is a lot of score difference

Flamboro Downs: Feb 27th 2022 - Upper Pan (Race 10 Inquiry)

Gybali Isphos ‘Heaven’ Kim Tae Sung

Heaven: The Emtech score was too overwhelming, we were talking hard and took the kilk and took a well and steadily ranked score.

\ – 28 kilo kilogens accounted for 1st place. The testimony is

Da Ba: I feel quite good for a while.

\ – How many points have been the goal of your score

Da Ba: I thought I was going to eat enough score yesterday, so I thought I would eat between 40-50 points, but I thought it was better than I thought, because I have acquired 60 points today.

\ – 2 Parking Survival begins

Da Ba: Once you showed a good look at the first week, but I tried to make a lot of mistakes, so I tried to complement and try. I am actively actively, but I will definitely focus on the line.

Heaven: In the second parking, we are thinking that the score is much more effort to eat much.