Jackbox Games annonce “The Jackbox Party Starter”

You have probably heard about Jackbox Party Pack, these game compilations thought for local multiplayer. Since 2014, Jackbox Games comes out one per year and each pack contains 5 games; To date, so there are eight compilations available, for a total of 40 games.

Abundance is cool, but in this case, it poses two problems. First, the neophyte can be lost in front of such a collection, not knowing what to take. Second, all these games are only available in English – and are only addressed to an Anglophone audience. Jackbox Games has located in other languages ​​of the mini-games concerned, which interlashional and drawful 2, but we lost in both cases the major interest of the Jackbox Games games, namely that they incorporate several games and not one.

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 Official Trailer

To solve these two problems, the US company will offer The Jackbox Party Starter, which will bring together three of the eight packs previously out, either fifteen mini-games in total. In addition, each of them will be updated for the occasion and translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Jackbox Games’ efforts to get out of its games in other languages ​​are obvious, but the results had not been up to date. This time, on the other hand, the initiative seems promising and could make it possible to transform the test. That’s all we want.