System System News Remake offered by Nightdive Studios

The SHOCK 1994 system is being redesigned. This is a project that has been in progress since 2016 after being successfully launched. Although there has been exit dates going back to 2017, the remake of System Shock is still not released, but the Nightdive Studios developer is closer than ever. Yesterday, they published a statement on Kickstarter about a updated version plan. I say “exit plan” because there is still no official release date, but there are a lot of exciting components, which will excite all System Shock fans.

System Shock Research Teaser Trailer - Nightdive Studios

First, news about the remake of System Shock. Another demo will be released in February. There have been several game demos in the last 6 years, but it will have all updates and improvements on which fans gave comments. This demo will come pretty much at the time the remakers of System Shock remake will be posted on Steam, Gog and Epic Games Store. A console demo is expected later. Another element on which Nightdive Studios worked is System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition. This is a remastered version of the game, but the most popular mods of the System Shock community are also officially implemented to further improve the game.

This may seem like a lot of juggling, but Nightdive Studios is also working on a System Shock 2 VR project. There is a bit of information on that, but it’s more about a late project; Their goal remains the remake of System Shock and System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition, which are supposed to go out at about the same time. Anyone Pre-order The remake of System Shock will receive free System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition. This also applies to anyone who contributed $ 30 or more to the Kickstarter. You can consult all the progress, conceptual art and video updates on the Kickstarter page of the game. The remake of System Shock should go out for PC and indeterminate consoles.

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