What is the future “Wizardry”? -Where in the labyrinth that tells three people involved from the past to the present

Wizardry Gaiden Five Trials “. Some users who notice that the right notation that appears in the start of the same work was changed from the 2006?

At the end of October of 2020, the Development of “Kirara Fantasia”, who acquired various rights related to “Wizardry” and the GMO Internet, which had the right, which has had the right, and then It is Dolicom known for the development operation of Derby Stalion Masters. In addition, the company is developing to expand the “Wizardry” series fully new title “ Wizardry Va (provisional) ” within 2022.

Therefore, in this article, Mr. Hideyuki Murayama, a developer of “Wizardry Gaiden”, “Wizardry Gaiden”, “Wizardry Gaiden”, “Wizardry Gaiden”, Game Pot and GMO Internet Game Creator-related game creator We will be able to see the new development, which is likely to show new deployments, with three people.

– Thank you for gathering today. First of all, I hope you will be asked about “Wizardry”, who has been involved in the beginning of the participants first, and it would be asked about what you are doing now.

Dainichi 59 Tokunaga Takeshi (hereinafter referred to as a fan of the original series, he was in the ASCII era, the PC version “6”, the so-called “BCF”, and the user support is moved from there to development, the game Boy “Gaiden 2”, “Gaiden 3”, “Gaiden 4” of super nervent 4, “Dingili” of playstation has been involved. Therefore, we have left ASCII and then “ Five Trials ” including the PC version “Battle” and this time.

– Basically, it seems that it is active as an indie levelope after “the prison of battle” and later.

Tokunaga Yes, that’s right.

Valley Yoshito (hereinafter referred to as follows) I have not played “Wiz” as a player. At the time of the first time it was popular for the gamer, it happened to be in the United States of America that the computer RPG was still not popular…. As a big thing, it will be related to work.

I was working on the PC online game (Haku FPS work of Polars in the early Early) in the previous preceding profession. That was the end of service, and when I was there for a while, Mr. Goi-san, who was the development producer of the same work, Sukueni appeared “ * Maoji, who is also a producer such as” Project Silfeed “. * I was invited to “JunkMetal” spiritual successor, I’m going to do * “.

– “Gigantomakhia (Gigant Makia)”. It was over with α but…! !

Valley “Valley, come and come”. “Because I will do the development side, you were asking you to introduce the game pot. So when I went to the game pot, I said that there was “Wizardry” there.

– At this point, this time the inherited right of Mr. Dolicom has moved from Aerean to the game pot.

At the time of Valley, Mr. Iwahara (Hakara: General producer in the development plan of the “Wizardry” series of the game pot era described later, Mr. Iwahara Kayishi is “” Wizardry “, and I say” I will do it ” Driving the project. I found a separate project, and I was involved in the series like a manager that has jurisdiction over the entire new project.

– Currently, Mr. Tanouchi is active as an indie leperpaper.

Valley is so. There are various game pots, and there is no name in 2017. The business itself was taking over with GMO, and I was there in it, but I left the company in 2020. After that, when I thought about the way of thinking about the way of thinking about the “Wizardry” series, I was concerned about the personal thoughts that I left the “ Wizardry His Schema “.

Well, “Do you want to do mental successful work) including the meaning of” soul purification “. It is promoting development by an individual, and just appeared in the table at the end of 2021. That’s what kind of situation.

– “Finding Hermit Nilda” (“NILDA”) of work for browser / mobile. During this time, the official service also started.

Hideyuki Murayama Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Murayama) I will talk as a company rather than what I am an individual. As a Dolicom, I was able to inherit the “Wizardry” license last year. And we are developing the works of “ Wizardry Va (provisional) ” in Dolicom.

Noboro could connect as an IP, inherit that baton, and from the beginning of “Wizardry VA (provisional)”, the title that has continued, sometimes called “RPG Owner”, I think that I will leave it in the future.

As a position in my Dolicom, it is “Marketing Design Department Director” as the original title, but for the IP “Wizardry”, “Wizardry license as the person who should be able to grow as an IP loved for the long run I will do it as a responsible person.

– While everyone is different from “Wizardry”, what are the dirty of the series?

The first time I touched in Tokunaga was shocking, I joined the series so much, and then the developer life that has already exceeded the quarter century is also a state that has been a simple thing with the “Wizardry” series, so Most of the transitions of the series that became a luxury were also received, and most of them were positive. However, the one who likes me is “Wizardry” as a simple RPG, and it is connected to making what he has been involved.

It is because it is a relative adult as a valley player, but it touched the series. So, I have no shock in a visual representation. I think that it would have contributed to the shock that once to many players, which also contributed to it, but it is not. It was really shocking, but suddenly dead in the first room and saying “I’m sorry.” It was a design concept. In general JRPG, the idea is the law. It is not good if it is said that “what is good” is said.

-It is also great that the presence or absence of a promise in Japan and abroad as if “Dungeons & Dragons” that is a famous TRPG overseas is widely known or not.

Valley is so. The promise is different. Once you understand it, the rule and progress will actually play a game of the same genre, but the sense of receiving the first thing is completely different. Such feel remains a very impressive.

Murayama was honest, “Dorakue” and “FF” were a gamer familiar, so I felt that I touched the series and I felt that “” I wondered if “” is a game ** “.

-Enjoy inconvenience. that’s a nice word.

Murayama Somehow, the alignment of the character in the team is no longer killed, but suddenly, it is likely to be almost annihilated in a single shot or a spell. After that, it is something that you do not know if you open the treasure chest or not. In a sense, as a thought, I felt that it would be a “Wizardry” series that says “I enjoy inconvenient places inconvenient.”

The first impression was “scary” (laughs) Normally RPG is mostly popping, though it is a character, but it is good that it is a good thing and good. So honestly, when I first saw it, I thought “scary”.

# “Wizardry” for you?

-Do you think about the series from now on?

I made Tokunaga “five trials”, “I want to do” Wizardry I think “. That’s why I am doing it all. Rather than making me more, I would like the user to present “such a best” Wizardry “for me.” I want you to play such a story by all means.

-The eyes are successful and successful, and “five trials” have been loved by the user for 15 years. The scenario is basically any scenario, and there is also a rogue-like style that can be led by infinitely. I really had such a possibility, and I felt that I touched this time.

It is said that the series will be more interesting if you can progress again from the place where Tokunaga will also be advanced.

– The idea of ​​the user ‘s thinking “My thinking” Wizardry “” is that I can open a new way for the making hand. This time, the editor can not be delivered by Lounch, so if you enjoy the editor’s loan again?

It looks like Tokunaga.

I have heard about Valley users. “What is” Wizardry for you? ” If you do so, everyone answered. By the way, I made a representation of “Backy Best friend” for me.

– Are you “Backy Best Friend”?

It is a great friend of Valley, definitely. But it is said that the relationship is difficult in various ways. But my best friend.

It was a lot of opinions that I received at this time, “The city where you can no longer go there”. A local ramen shop or a drinker. I think that it is better to answer the atmosphere like “a place to be a place to be a nostalgic origin”.

There are a lot of people who want to be a game for ramen around me, and I thought it would be among them.

– It is a soy sauce ramen called simple Is Best, which is not a unauthorized thing. It is a “Wizardry” series that there is a real thing for everyone, and it is a series of consideration.

It looks like Valley. The content itself is also true, and people who are involved in the content or those who like content are the impressions around me. I think that there are a lot of intense experiences. Everyone who was involved, everyone.

Murayama Really, it is a “treasure” that is full of thinking and work of various people.

–treasure. I agree. If you were newly inherited, you can see that even if you were looking at everywhere in the event, it is a very important thing that has been passed.

It looks like Murayama. I feel like I became a World Heritage Manager.

–world Heritage. It is strange and strange.

Momo Murayama, I think it would be like a World Heritage Site in a sense of the game industry.

– There are many things that have not been managed and unmanaged in various circumstances in the World Heritage Site. I expect that there is no.

I would like to be able to make a more popular ramen shop so as not to collapse the long-established long-established long-established long-established “from Mr. Murayama.

-Well there is also a feeling of a large project like a program, such as “Let’s reform and reinovate the old ramen shop”. Are specific plans for them being advanced.

It is a place where Murayama Masafumi Write the design picture. “Wizardry VA (provisional)” is progressing well. “ I wonder if you can play everything this year *”, and the Kokuyama of the development producer was.

– I think that it was a mock-up shape when the screen of “VA (provisional)” came out before, but the progress of development already from now on and proceeds. Do you feel that the official “Wizardry Va (provisional)” is becoming a form, isn’t it?

It looks like Murayama. Yes, it is possible to steadily.

# What was “Renaissance”

– I think that there is also a focus on the fully new work “Wizardry” for the first time in a long time, so I would like to expect that part of the part. The name is “Wizardry”, but it is totally different for each game. For example, “7”, NPC has an important quest item, and it is a story that will hear as a laughing story that “how to proceed with the game.”

Even in the valley, the series has various special circumstances surrounding the surroundings. As a result, it was said that “6” or later was “another”.

The circumstances are somewhat different, but in fact, “Wizardry Online” is also close. Of course, the name “Wizardry” was used, of course. With regard to the title, the “Wizard Reilenaess”, which was a development plan for the game pot era at that time, has been named “Renaissance”.

So, “Wizardry Online”, etc., in a spiritual sense, “Wizardry” is a “Wizard Li”, and Iwahara, which is a san, reflects it, and it is reflected, and it is reflected in the color of the stem from past work. It was not created by the idea of ​​being extended.

– I think that the user who thought that Renaissance was at that time is also a lot.

While the rights relationship was not so clear that the right relationship is not clear, it’s that it was one approach and direction to what to do with the series.

-Do you have such a part that the series was developing in various directions during the game pot.

It is “online” that he emphasized to advocate the new “Wizardry” in the valley. “How to do” Wizardry “came to the subject.

On the other hand, “schema” is of course there, but there is a difference that is completely different. I think that everyone in the actual series of fans also seemed to be “why, what is that?”

In fact, that work was a system that was from another place. The game pot at that time was a company that was good enough for PC online game operation, but the times are already moving in the era of mobile and smartphones. As a result, when it was said that it was cheap and able to impact on such a market, it was one answer. (Herout: In terms of easy understanding, the “schema” was a feature-based RPG that the behavioral result is characterized by text-based. “NILDA” can taste the atmosphere close to the “Schema”)

There was a problem and it was sober. But because it is sober, it may be received if you get a “Wizardry” world view. That’s the “Wizardry His Schema”.

–So that’s it. So what was the place where I was careful about “Online” as a new “Wizardry” at that time?

It was all about using the name of Valley, so I can’t get something out. But I did not go out to “Wizardry” where everyone thought. This is of course also the problem of the right, and as another big problem, the elements unique to the series are not listed in the grammatical part of the commitment of the PC MMORPG.

While avoiding the part well, when the PC’s MMORPG is issued by the name of “Wizardry”, it has a sense of understanding of everyone, the world view and touching. How to realize this is a memory that was pretty hard.

# Now that is the case of “one person”

– In the process, I think it’s a matter of thinking about Oita “Wizardry”. In fact, what do you think is “What if you have”?

Tokunaga is really difficult. He can not answer right now.

I think it’s a really different answer by Valley. However, when decomposed, “Wizardry” as a game system, “Wizardry” as a former experience that players played was playing, “Wizardry” as an easy-to-understand full-like fantasy IP such as an illustration of Susumi sensei, etc. I think I will break up.

However, I am not in it. I think it’s a bit special, but I would say “Wizardry” as an existence “. I’m going to be a little philosophical area.

It is often the characteristics of the series, and the character is listed. That’s the character ‘ real death *) of the character. If you think calmly, “You may kill monsters, you may die. Don’t forget it.” In that sense, it feels like one pillar in me, “Wizardry”.

– Symmetry of enemies and ally. It feels like RPG with players and the symmetry of the world to some extent. It is great asymmetric if you think carefully, usually ordinary RPG. Still, if it is the “Wizardry” series, it is advantageous for players. By the way, what do you think about so-called “3D dungeon RPG”?

It is a difficult place for Murayama. Human, 実 実 実 実 実 実 実. In that sense, 3D dungeon RPG will be “Tomo Real”. It is said that you can feel the first aspect of the person.

Taniuchi I think 3D “Technology and Orient”. Not limited to the “Wizardry” series, and I was tilted to 3D while Americans and cases are technically aiming for realism. And conversely, in Japan, it is also part of the reason why the series was not popular as “Dorakue” and “FF”.

– It is the largest attraction that it was a first person 3D, and it was also part of a weak point in Japan.

You’ve been took too early in the valley. Now, the first 3D’s first person perspective is relatively generalized.

– Now everyone is crazy about “Apex Legends” and “Main Craft”.

There was no other in Japan at the time of Valley. For at least the 90’s and so much maniac. For gamers who are not a person who will go fishing from yourself from yourself, the Wizardry series is an option that was familiar with the title created by overseas game concepts, and I think I left a lot of deep nail marks by people. However, it was not the mainstream to the last.

It looks like Tokunaga. It wasn’t really a major. In various places, as a new plan, I have given a game of my favorite 3D space, but it was no good at that time. After that time, it is still now. It was really difficult, saying that the 3D space enjoys the general user at that time.

– Now it’s unity, Unreal, or some middle engine, so it’s easy to make a great 3D game, and everyone says “3D”. I feel that it is likely to be easy to make, saying a three-D dungeon RPG type.

Tokunaga ん, yeah yeah (wry smile). I feel that the times have changed.

– Some of the flow of era will change in various ways, as a major type of 3D dungeon RPG work, collect adventurers at the bar, go to dungeon, and do quests there I felt that it would have been a great Japanese to go to the place.

It is “Dorakue” that I extracted the Japanese people from the Valley series and introduced successfully.

-The “Dorakue 3” is noticeable in that direction. Make a character in Lewida’s bar and put a party together to make an adventure here and there. Now, once a circle, I think that “adventurer gather in a bar and collects friends and go to adventure here and there here and there.”

If it is Noto Valley, I think that the soil that is accepted by the adventurer in 3D, and the soil accepted by the way of enjoying is spreading. In that sense, it is the point of interest that new people will be interested in “five trials”.

Bespually, “VA (provisional)” is also a very good era, as a new representation of the concept of the old concept with new technologies and challenges them again in the world. I feel it.

– In the current period, it is very simple, and a more complicated luxury, and two “Wizardry” will be somewhat empty, but it is a great interest to appear think. The response of the user will be a part that will be very bright.

On the contrary, we could not go to the 3D game, conversely, as I was waiting for Murayama. When it is “Dorakue” or later, when it becomes a later 3D, it is a situation like drunk, or “Don’t go around”…. Yes now I think that “Harami God” is good, and it seems to be a soil that can be accepted without resistance.

That’s why I’m making me that I’m making it too old. I am very expected to “VA (provisional)”. I wonder if you can play the “Wizardry” in the more evolved form.

-Conversely, do you think that old things want to be accepted for the current user?

Tokunaga seems to be “Let’s enjoy in some of them”.

– Will the user who enjoyed it for 15 years so far, and the user who is interested in that thing is likely to enjoy this time.

It looks like Tokunaga. I’m back to this machine. Users who have enjoyed it so far are still a big existence.

– It is the so-called “management of the ruins” that Mr. Murayama was saying earlier. 15 years.

It looks like Tokunaga.

-The I think that the adventurer (user) itself made by the adventurer (user) itself is that the adventurer (user) itself is one arrival point. I hope the editor will be safe.

# If it is a modern day “Netabare” can you choose?

At the Valley, there is something you want to ask you a little.

“Five trials” is also true “NILDA”, but it is not very premised that it will be spoiled at once on the net. I know that it will be done, but I want to see it separately. Netabare disgusting people should be careful not to step on spoiler, and it is a premise that it can be a user who can do it.

In the old days, there was no source of sources of sources, and I had to look for in various games myself, and I was looking forward to it, including it. However, the content of the content is instantaneously and shared by the more popular title. It is such a difficult age.

Considering that, in this era, we think that part of the series of series is unconditionally erased. There is one interest that “VA (provisional)” is going to stand up there.

As a concrete example, one is mapping . There are many people who are also enjoying the mapping “NILDA”. But mapping is an element that has been deceived through the times. Originally, I just did it because I could not support it automatically.

However, in the current era, the map should be prepared by hand drawn by yourself, and if you try it with “NILDA”, it is surprisingly enjoying every1. “I wonder if it’s all right?”

However, I think that it is possible to include “five trials” and it is a small title of individual production scale. Even if you say “I’m looking forward to it yourself” with a large service, I can not secure it. Instantly answered the internet, and many users look at it, I feel that it will look at it.

It is such a shape that it is such a shape, but the series had other series, how to go to the part like that, if it is impossible to enjoy it as long as it is impossible, and if you can talk now, I would like to listen to it. I say.

Murayama I think that Netabare on the net is no longer one round. What does it mean, now I’m getting quite out unless I go out of myself.

I have decided to see “Iki” with my friend with anime, and there are people who do not read the manga at all. However, if something is true, it seems that you are still enjoying it without knowing the content. I also decide to see “Tokyo Revengers” with anime and cut off all tablet.

So I think that the netabare does not look at it from myself, and I think that the net of the net is getting better. I think there are many people who send a lot of people, “I know”

– Certainly the game is a game, for example, Mr. Atlas is often “Shin, Goddess Tensei” and “Persona”, but say, “Where should you stop delivery from anywhere” Mr., please.

Since the wind of the content is good, the spoil of interesting with the propagation of the content information is not worrying because it feels good in the wind of Murayama. People who work hard at deep dug their spoils themselves and do their best. You can play with it and play with a so-called light part. I think it would be like a situation.

– I think that there is a part that can be adjusted in the form of a request from Maker to some extent, so it feels like it’s like that.

It looks like Murayama.

-Since it is a series of attractive hardcore, an old-fashioned series, the way of enjoying the user is the same in the same content, and it will be considered that the width is considerably different in the upper and below. I think that there is one of the other issues in “VA (provisional)”. Please do your best.

# View from “Mapping”

Start to the mapping story, Mr. Atlas’s “Labyrinth of World Tree” was a very distinctive series, but the mainstream is also changed, and the next There is also a part of it, too. If it is a player, it would be nice if I could feel free to map that series of the 3DS era. Even if it is not paper.

Valley mapping and maze are difficult, but I think it is one element that fifteen the fun of the series, but it’s a funny person who thinks that it is fun. Hey.

– Even if you think that yourself is fun, it will be dilemma as the game development side, what the user thinks.

If you say such a valley, it is like that (like ours), is growing in the era of reality that does not have a convenient map in reality. Naturally there is no smartphone, there is no Google Map. Now I did not understand the basics where I was looking at which direction, where I was looking at which direction and where the destination is located.

Looking at the map, probably now myself is around this side, and I think that I like it with various marks with various marks. I actually walk, try running by a car, say “here” and arrived there. When I arrived, I was happy and happy.

However, in the present age, it doesn’t have to do that experience. So I think that I do not know that the fun is there, the young generation. So, in the place where it is dropped into the game, I do not know that there is fun there, so I think it’s like I can not understand it.

This is simply a sense that the world was too convenient, but there is a sense that has been lost. Although the elderly remembers the sense, the young generation will definitely have its sense.

Since the feeling is not shared, as my life like me is created, the more you make a game, the more you’re going to search for one way to see the dark and the way to the right, it’s funny “I’m scared to say that it doesn’t communicate to young people.

-The difference in the sense of sensory senses is “scary” that everyone is a veteran developer. However, after all, if you do not know the right or left, we will go ahead one step ahead of yourself. This is a moving experience that can not be tasted unless you do not make an old odor.

Moka Valley, “Five Trials” is a mission that it is a user who knows such fun, and it is a mission to provide the fun street enjoyment, and that is possible. On the other hand, “VA (provisional)” is a challenge that it is a challenge. “VA (provisional)” is “aiming for a larger place than a core fan layer”.

-I’m looking forward to saying that kind of place. Of course, “You can map / can not be mapped”, “I can switch with the option.” Even if the person who wants to do is, I think it’s good, but it is good.

# While looking at “History and Future”

-Will you think about the idea of ​​being involved in the series so far, or if it is involved in the future?

In Tokunaga, I thought that the basics have already been over in Arre, when the game Boy’s “Gaiden 2” was over. “Basic thing is already the last thing”. But I will continue further from there and challenged “Gaiden 3”, “Gaiden 4” and “Dimel”.

However, there is a part that is not good in the user who is not good in the user, and it was decided to take the shape of “the user’s heart” because it returned again in the “Combat Prison”. I think it is difficult.

In the future, I think that “I want you to develop in a good sense. I want you to remain the presence of the series”.

– Even if the memmere is remaining, “What kind of game” is “Wizardry”? I don’t know, but I do not want to imagine too much.

It looks like Tokunaga. I want a new wind to say the title and say “Oh, that game”.

Review of Wizardry 4, The Return of Werdna
– Let’s expect “VA (provisional)” will be new. Of course, it may be good if something like this will come out from now on.

I think Tokunaga is so.

Faithful to the general image of Valley “Wizardry”, the “Wizardry series” is such a game like this, “said, at the time, it was moving as a project before the copyright came to the game pot There.

Such a title is the mission of “thoughts” at the time, “I will continue to use” Wizardry “in Japan. I think that the end of the end of the end was that the 2006 version of “five trials” was called .

And because of them, as a game pot at that time, I thought that it was “online”, “Online”, thinking that “Wizardry” can be more broadly and wisdom, “online”, it was Renaissance. increase. Unfortunately, however, however it was rooted in the world… I’m in one page of the history of IP but also (laughs)

However, I think that it would be possible to take over the baton to some extent, and that it would be possible to save it as it was passed to Dolicom this time.

A considerable time has passed from the last large-scale deployment of “Wizardry” as an IP, but it is said that “five trials” will be prepared as “to play in a new environment” People who say “Wizardry Va (provisional)” will be “Wizardry Va (provisional)”, “Wizardry challenge the new” Wizardry “is another thing.

It has been very happy as a game fan, even as a game that has been involved in the series so far, and I think it is very like.

As Murayama Keywords, I wonder if I have to do it while looking at “ History and Future “.

As this IP is exactly “long-established dining room”, we think that customers will decrease more and more in the idea of ​​entering only existing customers, so it will be reached to a new customer looking at the future I think I have to That’s why not ignore the history.

So I think that it is “ respect ” that is important. Now that you have built a history so far, and respect for the users who have enjoyed it and their users who have enjoyed it.

In that respect, when many new customers are going to play the series, everyone who loved the series so far, “Ne, Hey, Hey?” There is also a feeling that you want to be able to say.

Of course, in order to be able to recommend it to everyone who loves the series so far, to be able to recommend it to others, it has to take care of the history until it’s about the history. I think.

In that sense, I think it would be nice if you would like to proceed with both “history and future”.

-History and future. I think it is a very important point.

It is a meaning of Murayama. Various people including all of you are here, and the history itself as an IP of “Wizardry” itself is something like RPG.

– Speaking of old history. Among the previous works, may there be Japanese development such as “6” to “8” where the English version is already reserved than before before?

You will think if you look for the needs from Murayama users.

– Also, as a story from now on. As Dorikom, probably “five trials” was an irregular this time, but in the future, while cooperating with third party developers Is there a possibility of?

I’m glad if I can do it.

-I would like to go open for it.

Murayama Yes.

-I may also come out where I also want to make “Wizardry” if I’m licensed. ”

It looks like Murayama. Even today’s exchange was seen in the three-party “Wizardry” view, and I think that there is a “Wizardry” that various people think.

– Lastly, you can tell us about this year’s aspiration.

Murayama After all “Wizardry Va (provisional)”, this year’s liver is. I hope you will make things that will be commemorated in various ways.

– Enjoy that the whole picture will be revealed.

In the valley this series, “This game system is this game system”, and it will not extend it, so it will not spread, so “the important thing is the case, but the other thing is various. I think that you can do something like a wide variety of “I would like to go out more and more. I am looking forward to the future “Wizardry” series.

Of course I think that there is something to stick to the narrow sense, but I think that I would like to look forward to the future Dolicom’s lineup including “VA (provisional)”, and I think Is.

I think Tokunaga I think that it is to stick (laughs) If it is true, I would like to see how to evolve the content, and I would like to show how to show the different ways. I think I would like to make the evolved what we want to make.

However, at present, it should be left to be able to enjoy it for a long time including the scenario editor, including the scenario editor, including the scenario editor, including the scenario editor.

– I think it is still a story of a certain point, but when “five trials” settles, do you want to make another “Wizardry” again after settling?

It looks like Tokunaga. Even if I make it, I think it will be quite different from “five trials”. However, it is not necessary to be “Wizardry” anymore. I want to make something different soon… I want to make it (laughs)

All (lol)

-I was tied up for many years, and it is such a guy who can be released soon.

Tokunaga will soon be a bit…… (laughs)

– I hope you can be something like a six in a sense. “Five trials” this time. I think that it is still a fairly destination, but (laughs) By the way, Mr. Tanihuchi is still “Wizardry” is now possible to make “Wizardry”.

Valley is so challenging. Now I think that Dorikom is also worrying about it. There is a history, but I have to think of “from now on” without being tied to history. It is a situation that arises except “Wizardry”, but still, I think it is a great pressure.

I am a few other pressures, and so I would like to do it freely (laughs), so I’m looking for a “Wizardry” making another (laughs)

– I do not want to go to the side already, I’m a guy (laughs)

All (lol)

-but everyone may have some people who make it while saying that they are difficult, difficult, etc. From now on, I would like to think that various developers will go to the world in various ways in various ways. Thank you very much for this time while expecting such a future.

Wizardry VA (provisional) ” will start service for mobile within 2022. “ Wizardry Gaiden Five Trials ” is underway at STEAM.

In addition, “ Finding Hermit Nilda ” that Mr. Tanihuchi who cooperated this time is in service for browser / mobile.