Volkan ULUC establishes his resignation at CFC Hertha 06

For table leaders, the coaching chairs are commonly carved out of sturdy wood. Different at the Charlottenburger FC Hertha 06, there was Volkan Uluc again last week. The previous return of the sporting director Erol Ucar and coach Michael’s foot were a trigger, but not the only one.

Nachfolger von Dietmar Demuth: CFC Hertha 06 setzt Volkan Uluc auf den Trainerstuhl!

In conversation with the commonly carved ULUC crashed that basic, structural reasons had a work even more difficult. Above all, the fact that his team does not have a solid home game site – in the first round you could play at the Sömmeringstraße sports field in Charlottenburg -, left the success coach lately more and more doubts. “We never knew where we play, and soon the licensing for the Regionalliga is now,” says ULUC. On the other hand, everything was in butter: “The team makes a great job, but from the winter break felt everything back.”

The crucial man is the donor and president.

Earth Cakir, President

On Friday, Club Ergün Cakir spoke again with Uluc, but his decision was no longer revised. “I was surprised by his decision and time,” says Cakir. “But the team that stands behind the club has remained, and only it is. The crucial man is the donor and president.”

For succession, according to Cakir “20 to 30 candidates” are ready to select the right ones. “We want to present a new coach in a timely man. Our goal is still to play above. The ascent this season is not a must,” says the President of Hertha 06. “We have a long-term goal. We have two to three favorites, with two to three favorites Why I will talk to the days, and want to present someone in the middle of the week. “

ULUC, who wants to pause after his own statement until summer, is convinced that the new man will find good basics, because “I’m leaving a great and intact team”.