Nintendo CEO, “Metabus, not time”

One big axis of the game industry, Japan’s video game company Nintendo was interested in the concept of ‘Metabus’, but it has not been planning to participate in the production of related content right now.

Nintendo’s Furukawa Shunta CEOs told their views for ‘Metabus’ through its earnings announcements released in early February. He first said, “As many companies of the world are noteworthy, the metabus has a great potential,” he said, “When the concept of a meta bus on the media sometimes is introduced, Nintendo’s ‘gathered animal forest’ is mentioned, In this regard, it can not help a really exciting concept, “he luck.

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Then, if “If Nintendo finds the right ‘Nintendaria approach’ to implement this, it would be reviewed at that time, but I think it is not at the present time,” he said. The concepts and potential of the meta bus have some favorable gaze, but it is interpreted as an unrecognized attempt in situations where the intact approach to access this is not confirmed.

Nintendo seems to have a significant impact on Nintendo Labovo, a cardboard toy system that is linked to the Nintendo switch, which is not in a bold challenge. Nintendo knocked on the VR market that did not challenge through Nintendo Labo last 2018. But unlike early expectations, however, we have not delivered the same content or other different VR experiences, and have pointed out weak durability and burdensome component prices, and have recorded a bad sales grades.

If Nintendo has more firm for the metabus concept and finds a ‘Nintendaria approach’, VR users are also expected to meet the more VR contents that are reflecting Nintendo’s technology.