Fighted Mahjong Games “Soul Soul” TV Anime “Kaguya I want to tell-Ultra Romantic

Yostar, Inc. has notified that the Company’s Mahjong Games “Jarong Tama” (Jan Tama), who wants to tell the TV anime “Kaguya-san-Ultra Romantic-“.

Yostar Co., Ltd., we will announce that the Company operated by the Company (Jan Tama), “I want to let Kaguya, who wants to tell Kaguya-Ultra Romantic-“..

# TV anime “Kaguya wants to tell-Ultra Romantic-” collaboration decision!

TV Anime “Kaguya wanted to tell-Ultra Romantic-” was decided.

The details of collaboration will be released in the future, such as “sparrow soul” official Twitter (@ mahjongsoul_JP).

Please wait for the follow-up of what collaboration.

# “Kaguya wants to tell-Ultra Romantic-“

Elite schools where the guys gather

Vice-President and Shikinaru Kaguya, who met at the student council

Her two geniuses admit that everyone is a good match, and I thought that it was too tied to be tied soon and I was not able to confess that too much pride was in the way !!

“How do you confess your opponent?”

The Anime Man plays ranked Mahjong Souls 2021-08-13 [Twitch VOD]

Her of the war of the war who has done the intention of the intelligence of the love brain will each change the decision to be in the heart…

By the last day of the Culture Festival “Senka Festival” of Hidechi House High Department, the two love patterns will move greatly!?

# “Song Soul (Jan Tama)”

It is an Mahjong game that can play real-time players online and real time.

A variety of match styles such as a “tip game” that can play against players in the whole world You can enjoy a wide range from mahjong beginners to advanced users.

· Player plays against the character drawn with a cute character.
· Chat with other players can use a stamp of a variety of expressions according to the character.
· The voice of the character is a popular voice actor such as Uchida, Amami Ochiya. You can hear the cute voice during the home screen and play.
· Characters are also configured with good sensitivity parameters, and you can use it as avatars and gifts them to improve preference. By increasing favorability, you can deepen the relationship with the character with the character in various scenes, such as the opening of the voices and avatar CG.

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