VfB Stuttgart “Destroyed on the ground”

This shock of the heavy patzer in the relegation champion of the VfB Stuttgart should already be delayed on Monday. This hopes heavy patzers director Sven Mislinat at least resolutely.

That with the beginning of the new training week the pictures that show the frustration of the last few minutes are faded. How Konstantinos Mavropanos lies on the ground after his foul foul. As he walks after the compensation in the detention time to the 1-1 (0: 0) of the VfL Bochum in a squat and the jersey moves over the face. As he stands bitterly on the lawn, and Mislinat takes him into his arm.

VFB Stuttgart brings himself late around the victory

In his precarious situation in the football Bundesliga, the table penitent itself is in the way. With an unnecessary foul feet caused by Mavropanos, which brought the Swabia – as well as wasted opportunities – to win. “Who did not destroy the ground after the game? It’s shitty and hurts”, commented coach Pellegrino Matarazzo. “I find the goal at the end fits into the overall picture of the season,” the coach, who had received a job warranty again: “Experiencing many setbacks. Somehow, the momentum is not on our side.”

Piece for Piece Seems the third descent since 2016 for the now for eight games Siegless VfB to move closer. Also, Mislint was deeply disappointed on Saturday night before the domestic arena when he took a comment to the renewed return. Just seem to be hard again “to get up,” the 49-year-old acknowledged.

The VFB had played neatly and at deserved 1: 0 luck on his side. Orel Mangala headed after a corner Armel Bella Kotchap (56th), from the Bochum, the ball fell into the gate. After the numerous injuries of service providers and corona cases, it looked as if this game against Bochum finally bring the victory to which the Swabia has been waiting since 11th December.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen - VfB Stuttgart | Full Game | Matchday 22 – Bundesliga 2021/22

later neck stroke ensures draw

Until in the detention time. Until Mavropanos did not hit the ball away, but Sebastian Polter unhappy and eduard lions turned the elfere safely. The VFB professionals sagged together. Again a setback. It was the most succinct scene of this draw, which felt like a defeat, but not the only crucial. Because it also avenged that the host elapses opportunities. “I have had to do the 2: 0!” Mangala apologized.

The fact that the residue on the FC Augsburg on the relegation rank was shortened by one point on three meters was hardly a comfort. If the game was out of 1: 0 instead of 1: 1, the VFB would come to a point. Now the balance sheet is frightening: 19 points after 23 games. Only 2018/2019 she was worse. The season ended with the descent.

Mislinat and Matarazzo flee into dietary paroles, talking strongly the weakest retirement team. “I’m totally sure that – that’s how hard to feel now – they come back and get up on Monday,” said Mislinat, “and putting everything on their absolute leader on the place, Dinos Mavropanos, to support that It’s best in a threesome opposite Hoffenheim. ” The defender is “one of the guys who grows in his personality in such a situation.” Matarazzo said, “The team has enough quality in this situation to keep the league. I’m sure we come to roles with the first experience.”

Failure threatens – Hoffenheim waits

Maybe the catching up for weeks without Silas Katompa Mvumpa has to work. The attacker, after months of break in search of the top shape, injured his shoulder. How long he fails, was initially unclear. “It runs so much against us this season and therefore we think:” Now right “,” Matarazzo said at Sky: “If we can look back in eleven on this giant board and still celebrate, then that’s a bond that is a bond to hold a lifetime. ” On Friday it is first in Hoffenheim.