Robert Pattinson describes his batman as “lazy and traumatized”

Every time less is missing for the anticipated premiere of The Batman , so currently Robert Pattinson is very busy giving all kinds of interviews. In one of them, the actor gave more details about the version of Bruce Wayne that we will see in this future feature film, and the comments of him will certainly awaken certain alarms among the fans.

As part of a recent press conference that was carried out in the studios of Warner Bros. in Los Angeles, Pattinson described the character of him as a “lazy and traumatized” superhero. In the words of him own:

“He is not the typical Playboy character. And he is something lazy because, basically, he has a lot of trauma with whom he dealt, at least as far as I can say. “

Previously, Matt Reeves, Director of The Batman , said that this version of the hero would be very different from the one we have seen earlier. He also advanced that we will know more about the human side of Bruce Wayne , something that has also been explored with as much detail on the big screen.

THE BATMAN Trailer (2021) Robert Pattinson Movie
On related topics, here you can know what you said Reeves about a possible unprecedented version of The Batman with “adult only” classification.

The Batman reaches cinemas the March 3, 2022.

Editor’s note: It is a good idea for The Batman to take the time to explore more the facet of Bruce Wayne. Also, from what we have seen in the advances, the film will have a good amount of action that will surely leave the fans quite satisfied.