Messi is criticized after victory against real of press

Lionel Messi has been sharply criticized after the 1-0 victory by Paris Saint-Germain against Real Madrid from the international press.

The 34-year-old had passed a penalty at the last minute triumph over the royal in the secondary final leg in the 62nd minute. The celebrated hero is kylian mb cape, who had brought the prince park to quake the prince’s park in the fourth minute of the screening time with his goal after a beautiful single performance.

'Can you only win with Messi and Xavi?' - Guardiola answers critics.

“The Argentinian is far from what he played for FC Barcelona,” wrote the Catalan mundo deportivo via Messi, which is still looking for his shape in Paris. Since its release-free change from Barcelona to the French capital, he achieved only two goals in 14 league games. In the royal class he is at least five hits.

One step further still go the Italian gazetten. “Messi flops”, the Corriere dello Sport titled. The tuttoSport underlines that another player’s thanks for victory: “Messi is wrong, mb cap.”

Something gracious shows the Spanish Sport: “Messi was the offensive body of PSG and served MBAPP dangerous balls .” However, the newspaper clears: “It lacks speed, but he retains a wonderful touch.”

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On March 9, Messi can penalize his critics. Then he plays with PSG to match in Madrid in the Bernabeu for the quarter-final ticket.