Eintracht Frankfurt wants the second team back

“Eintracht Frankfurt has applied for the reception of a second team, Eintracht Frankfurt II at the Hessian Football Association (HFV), to the Hessenliga for the season 2022/23,” said the Bundesliga club on Monday. Thus, the club hopes to better bring young talents from the junior power center to the professional team.

“For our further strategic orientation in the junior area and as a transition to the professional team, it is important to have a strong substructure”, says sports board Markus Krösche the step and supplements: “But it is not only important that young talents have the opportunity to have the opportunity to have the opportunity Week under competitive conditions in men’s football to play and thus make the next steps in their development, but also of great importance that young perspective players from the first team who are not continuously belonging to the root cadring gambling and competition practice at the highest possible level. “

Fischer: “Thematic complexes and requirements change”

Lastly, a Frankfurt U 23 played in the season 2013/14. The team kicked back then in the Regionalliga and was ultimately dissolved for economic reasons. “For different reasons, the cancellation of U 23 was the right decision, which we have taken as the Bureau together with the Executive Board,” explains President Peter Fischer the Sweeper. “But thematic complexes and prerequisites change and have to be reassessed regularly. This has happened in this case and we support the reorientation of the junior power center and the idea of ​​Markus Kröse completely.”

The Eintracht hopes in February on a decision of the HFV, so that the game operation could start again in the coming season. The A-Juniors of the Frankfurt play in the Bundesliga Süddel Süd / Southwest and run there after the most recent victory against the 1st FC Nuremberg (4: 1) currently in second place.