Pokemon Go: All Missions, Rewards and Bonuses of the Valentine Event 2022

In addition to modifying the bakers, each Pokémon Go event also boasts to enable its own field research tasks with which you will do with a few gifts. Even so, this event gives for much more, as we are going to see in the following guide.

All the missions and rewards of the Valentine’s Day 2022

As already passes with the field research tasks of February, to get one of the missions of this event dedicated to love you must spin Poképaradas without stopping , since the fact that any of these objectives appear is totally random.

All of them will offer you the possibility of capturing a rare Pokémon as you complete them. Even so, if you seek an additional incentive to play these days, you will be happy to know that Each capture will give double candies or that the bait modules increase its duration up to 60 minutes.

But there is still everything, since you can also participate in the new collection challenges, get new garments for avatars by acquiring them in the store, do with new stickers for gifts when you turn a poképarado and a bonus has also been activated with which you will receive the triple candy for each Pokémon transferred .

With regard to the new field research tasks, all of the following are:




Capture 5 ppkémon.


Meeting with Luvdisc

Capture 20 luvdisc


Meeting with alomomola

Get 3 Hearts with your Pokémon companions


  • Meeting with EEVEE
  • Meeting with Pikachu

Make 5 great pitches with curved ball followed


Encounter with Spindle

Valentine’s Day Event 2022 with Double Catch Challenges in Pokemon GO
Use 5 berries to help you capture Pokémon


Meeting with RALTS.

Win an incursion


Meeting with Frillish (pink or blue)

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