Apex Legends season accidentally gives some players a great advantage

Eyendas del Apice Season 12 has been available in Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One for a few days, and has brought a strong resurgence of interest and players. With season 12, Respawn Entertainment and EA introduced Mad Maggie to the growing list of game characters, or as they are called in the game, “legends”. It is still early, but at this moment, it seems that Mad Maggie is not penetrating the top of the goal in the short term. That said, with a secret benefit, Wattson’s players can be up to height.

Taking Twitter, a _Teyends of the player and a Wattson user transmitted the news that with season 12, Wattson obtained an accidental benefit, and one quite important. Accidental benefit involves a visual error with a new legendary emoticon for the character that, when used in a game, reduces the size of the character silhouette. Now, the character Hitbox does not change, but the character is still smaller than it would normally be, and being smaller. There is a reason why the sweaty players of Wrath use bald versions of the character, since the silhouette is smaller. It may seem like a small advantage, but in a small margin game, the small advantages can have a great impact.

That said, a game developer saw the publication and confirmed that this is, obviously, accidental. To this end, a solution is on the way, although it is not known when it will come. In any case, this unexpected improvement for Wattson players will not last long.

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As always, we will keep you informed as the situation evolves. Usually, the change for a solution like this is very fast, so wait for it to be addressed in the next update or two.

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