SF Combat Race “Phaseshift” Early Access will start March 3rd Overseas-Demo Version is also delivered

Indie Beloper Bubblehead Studios announced early access to Race Action “ Phaseshift “, and announced that it started on March 3rd Overseas and published the trailer.

This game is a single play work that is affected by the 2000-year combat race game.

Cars like a bike that will be the leading bike can not only run at high speed, but also 4 types of weapons that can be attacked by plasma launcher, homing missile, laser cannon, gatling gun and landmines. We aim at the first place while taking advantage of the gimmicks on the course.

# Early access started Content

At the beginning of the early access starting early to two years from half a year,

  • 12 courses including five reverse

  • 16 or more Weapons and Abilities

  • Four types of game modes of “RACE” “Team Race” “Elimination” “Time Trial”

  • 17 AI characters that team assembled

  • Customizing races that can change regulation freely

  • Customizing cars such as coloring, lights, thrusters, race numbers, team names, etc.

  • 25 results

Prepare. Going forward, in addition to adding and fulfilling various elements such as multiplayer, course number, course environmental representation, campaign, game mode, vehicle, engine sound, and ability, team is planned to respond to local division screen to get racing It is said that

“PhaseShift” under development under the influence of “EXTREME-G”, “ROLLCAGE” “Wipeout”, etc. is targeted for PC, and the early access version will be delivered at STEAM on March 3rd. The alpha version of the alpha currently has been delivered free of charge on the store page.