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Elden Ring: FROM software gives fans to joy for two reasons

After a shift from January to February, some fans ask if the Fantasy-RPG Elden Ring will actually appear on February 25th. To this question, as well as the question of the game length, there are now finally official answers of the producer.

Elden Ring is finally done

For a long time, it’s no longer lucky: the fantasy-epic elden ring should appear soon. And new information after, the release date could actually be met this time. As part of the Taipei Game Show, producer Yasuhiro Kitao has now clarified in an interview: Elden Ring appears as planned, on February 25th.

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The game has already reached the Gold Status . That is, there is a finished version that can be produced in bulk now. The developer team is currently still dedicated to the day-one patch, otherwise everything is in sack and bags. (Source: IGN)

How long does a run from Elden Ring take?


How many hours will you spend in the world of Elden Ring before you have seen everything? This question already deals with the fans for a long time – and now there is finally an answer.

Like Yasuhiro Kitao, namely, reveals in the interview, the Mainquest should keep a mood by the 30 hours . But there are probably a number of side quests and other content that adds more to the RPG adventure “Dozens of Hours”. The entire season is therefore strongly different from player to players.

For hardcore fans, there is also a New Game Plus with additional challenges. A new score is even necessary to discover all content. The reason for this is the contamination of the action towards the end of the game.

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