Pokemon Go launches a surprise event of a day with new Pokemon

Pokémon IR is organizing a one-day mini-arrival to present a new form of Pokémon in the game. From 10 am to 6 pm Local time On January 30, pokémon IR is organizing a “Voltorb of the HISUI region” event that presents the Hisuian Voltorb seen for the first time in pokémon legends: Arceus. The event will have an increase of The engenders of both Kantonian and Hisuian Voltorb. A special research set will reward players with encounters with both types of voltorb, as well as some razious berries and pinap berries. Although this event aims to present to Hisuian Voltorb, players report that the Pokémon generation rate is drastically reduced after the event ends at 6 p.m. local time.

The strange thing about this event is that Pokémon IR did very little marketing for him, despite being the reward for a 2-month story. Pokémon Go The Season of Heritage event presented players working to unlock a mysterious door when catching various types of Pokémon. However, the Rocket team stole the Pokémon behind the door, which turned out to be Hisuian Voltorb. The only reference to this was in a couple of tweets published yesterday, which seems strange.

Interestingly, HISUIAN VOLTORB currently can not evolve in pokémon IR – Players should wait to evolve the Pokémon to Hisuian Electrode for now. Probably, this is due to the Pokémon Company kept Hisuian Electrode secretly during the marketing of pokémon legends: Arceus, for what he wants players to discover the player in his new game instead of a mobile spin-off. Hisuian Voltorb uses a leaf stone to evolve in the game of the main series, but it is likely that players just have to give you the standard amount of candies for Evolvi1. _Pokémon IR.

Once the HISUIAN VOLTORB event is over, players can wait a month full of events at pokémon IR. The biggest of these events is Pokemon Go Tour: Johto, a one-day payment event in which players have the opportunity to Capture the 100 Pokémon from the Johto region, along with its Shiny variants. Many of the legendary Pokémon who will appear at the event will have characteristic movements more powerful, which will make them more viable in PVP and PVE content.