Level Infinite, New Concept Strategy Chain RPG Baeka-gyung Optical Valentine Day Event

Level Infinite has been developed by TourdogStudio and said on the 11th that they will conduct a ‘Valentine Day’ event in the new concept strategy chain RPG ‘Baekao-gyun,’

The ‘Balatetine Day’ event is conducted from 11th to 17th, and to provide more benefits to the limited benefits of the game as well as a variety of forms, such as the launch of new cosmetics.

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First, on the 14th, Balatetin Day is on the 14th, you can receive Lumamer, 4 Star Ororian Alice, Hiro Limited Avatar, favorable item, and the next day, a star marker and a charging box are paid.

In addition, the valentine day event until the 17th, the ‘sweet mind’ is limited to the period, and it will be added to the chocolate gift box containing the rumor, favorable item, and the fostering materials, etc. whenever you receive a daily active treasure box.

You can get up to five chocolate futures boxes every day, and you can acquire up to 600 rumomber, dark chocolates, and fostering materials, and so on during the event period.

In addition, the new Rotation recommended call is open until the 22nd, and it can be opened for the 6th Ororinian ‘Caón’, 5 star Ororian ‘Kitting’ and ‘Leo’.

In addition, new Costume ‘Please ask for a special benefit package, including the teacher, and the new Costume of the 6th Ororinian’ Shari ‘will be sold with the new Costume of the 6th Ororinian’ Shari ‘..

In addition, some of the cost of Costum, which was limited to the desert workshop event, is limited to the store, and can be purchased using ‘1588 Lafis’.

In addition, the Baemaulle’s light official SNS and the community will receive a date to send a date to Oorian I want to spend the most anniversary and achieve the Global Contribution Number of Global Contributions.