Real Madrid: Bale apparently enjoys Hazards Reservist Rolle

Permanent Reservist Gareth Bale has apparently amused from the non-recaptivity of his teammate Eden Hazard at the Copa del Rey from Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey.

On TV images to recognize how Hazard passed at the end of the second half in the quarterfinals at Athletic Bilbao (0: 1) at the Real Replacement Bank after he had previously warmed up some time. Real coach Carlo Ancelotti had finally decided against a substitution. When Hazard now passed on to the Bale sitting on the bench, the Welsh was looking at eye contact and could not resist a laugh.

Gareth Bale Laughing at Teammate Eden Hazard After Being Told To Go Back to Bench.
While Bale was also almost permanent in the audience role due to injuries in this season, Hazard was most often more likely to train – but not beyond the role of the supplementary player.

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Coach Ancelotti, who changed a total of only twice, then justified the non-consumption of the offensive stars. “I had some options left, I wanted to make in the extension,” said Ancelotti at the press conference. “Unfortunately, they shot a goal at the end and I had no more time to bring other players.” Alex Berenguer (89.) had shot the baskas with his goal in the semifinals.