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Abstraction collaborates with Funcom to the development of its duct survival game

We know, Funcom offered the rights of the license Dune to adapt it into video games and several projects are currently underway – including the strategy game Dune Spice Wars Developed by the Bordeaux studio Shiro Games and edited by FUNCOM; And at the same time, another title is developing in Funcom’s Oslo offices, whose title is not revealed but taking the form of a large open-world open-world survival game (an AAA project).

Last December, Funcom indicated to associate with the German studio Nukklear to design the survival game. The Norwegian group still expands its development capacity and this time appeals to the Dutch Studio abstraction.

DUNE: Spice Wars - Everything Know So Far

In close collaboration with FunCom teams, abstraction has intended to work on the game engine and some gameplay systems, to improve the performance of the title, network infrastructure and servers. The studio also specifies to work on some of the “main features” of the game Dune, including the AI, the management of audio and animations or on the physical management of the game universe.

We know that the Norwegian studio has real qualities to imagine universes, give them density and install the atmosphere, but sometimes it also troubles to refine its games on a technical plan. While waiting to learn more about this Dune Open-World and to be able to judge on room, we will hold that FUNCOM obviously gives itself the means to concretize it and to refine the content.