Nexon, Project D Online Showcase D

\ – 1Q11 Test progress per month, May Steam Beta test in May

\ – Development status, planning, and next test schedule

\ – Kim Myung Hyun’s headquarters “I will create a game with the users”

[Data provided: Nexon] Automatic generated explanation Co., Ltd. Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) is the first online showcase of PC shooting game ‘Project D’ (Project D’s Day) held in success.

‘D-Day’ is a communication live broadcast on the last week of the month on Friday, which is a live broadcast on the news of ‘Project D’, on the 28th, on the 28th, on June 28, the first showcase on the “project D” official YouTube, Tweet Channel.

In this broadcast, Nexon Ji Tea Kim Myung-hyun developed the head of the Development of Kim Myung-hyun, and the Jeon Dong-il, a team leader appeared, and the schedule of regular testing plans in the first quarter and scheduled steam beta test schedule. In addition, we shared the contents change point and development status of ‘project D’ and the story about future plans.

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After the end of the live broadcast, the ‘surprise party’ test is conducted from 5:00 am to 5:00 am. Users who have not participated in the last alpha test can be played after entering the Tester Code (NebHCZ) in the official companion application, and existing participants can participate as the same account without input separate tester code.

In this test, the team consisting of developers will randomly confront the confrontation of the users and the users who won the users who have won the “Project D Mouse Pads” and Nexon Cache.

Kim, Myung-hyun, said, “We have planned ‘D-day’ to create a game with the users,” he said, “he said,” he said, “We have planned the ‘D-day’ to create a game,” he said, “In the future, I will raise it. “

On the other hand, ‘Project D’ is a three-person shooting game that combines 8 personnel in a combat environment, which combines 8 personnel in a combat environment. Strategic playlectrics such as unique skills and realistic combat actions that purchase a variety of variables in the store, It is characterized by enhancing.

Detailed information on ‘project D’ can be found on the official homepage.